17 Nisan 2017 Pazartesi

Some ideas on future triangles

So far, all the mascot legendaries have been partially related to a previous group:

Gen II: Ho-Oh and Lugia, their secondary types were gained from Winged Mirages, whereas Lugia's primary type is unrelated to their theme.

Gen III: Unrelated. Suicune shares Kyogre's type, however.

Gen IV: Dialga, Palkia and Giratina have Latias/Latios' primary typing as their secondary one.

Gen V: Tao Trio does the same as above, but also has Legendary Birds' typing.

Gen VI: Unrelated.

Gen VII: Nebula trio largely shares Creaton Trio's types and Pixies' Psychic.

My personal guess is:

Gen 8: Fire/Psychic, Water/Psychic and Electric/Psychic

Gen 9: Fairy, Steel/Flying, Dragon/Fighting

Gen 10: Fighting/Ground, Fighting/Water & Fighting//Flying

Gen 11: Ice/Fighting, Rock/Fighting & Steel/Fighting

Gen 14: Fighting/Flying, Psychic, Dragon/Dark

Gen 15: Ghost/Dark, Ghost/Fairy, Ghost/Dragon

Gen 16: Grass/Ghost, Rock/Ghost, Steel/Ghost

Gen 17: Ground, Fire, Rock/Dragon

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