25 Nisan 2017 Salı

Shitty Pokéball Ideas

  1. Max Ball: Upgrade to Ultra Ball, capture rate *3.
  2. Soar Ball: Dive Ball, for Flying Pokémon.
  3. Rival Ball: Love Ball, but reverse.
  4. Start Ball: Repeat Ball, but reverse.
  5. Cheap Ball: Luxury Ball, but reverse. Cheapest ball in the market, costing only 50.
  6. Enemy Ball: Friend Ball, but reverse.
  7. Light Ball: Heavy Ball, but reverse.
  8. Crack Ball: Lure Ball, but for Rock Smash.
  9. Cage Ball: Nest Ball, but reverse.
  10. Garden Ball: Net Ball, but for Fairy and Grass-types.
  11. Challenge Ball: Level Ball, but reverse.
  12. Damage Ball: Heal Ball, but reverse.
  13. Slow Ball: Fast Ball, but reverse.
  14. Unown Ball: Beast Ball, but for Unown.
  15. Battery Ball: Net Ball, but for Electric and Steel.
  16. Earth Ball: Net Ball, but for Rock and Ground.
  17. Night Ball: Net Ball, but for Dark and Ghost.
  18. Heat Ball: Net Ball, but for Fire and Dragon.
  19. Wind Ball: Net Ball, but for Ice and Flying.
  20. Urban Ball: Net Ball, but for Normal and Psychic.
  21. Marsh Ball: Net Ball, but for Poison and Fighting.
  22. Pr. Great Ball: Premium Ball, for Great Ball.
  23. Pr. Ultra Ball: Premium Ball, for Ultra Ball.
  24. Dwarf Ball: Heavy Ball, but for small Pokémon.
  25. Giant Ball: Heavy Ball, but for large Pokémon.
  26. Evolution Ball: Higher catch rate for the given stage. Single stagers have unique levels for the given species.
  27. Basic Ball: Higher catch rat for the given stage, but in inverse. Single stagers are treated the same as above.
  28. Inverse Ball: Catch chance is inverted. Catch rate is 1.
  29. Reverse Ball: Catch rate is inverted for low-catch rate Pokémon(Catch rate of Pokémon=255-real catch rate of species). Species with catch rate of 255 are reduced to 3.
  30. Novice Ball: Higher catch rate of Pokémon gives higher ball catch rate. 200-255 corresponds to 5, 150-200 corresponds to 4, 100-150 corresponds to 3,etc.
  31. Expert Ball: Novice Ball, but reverse.

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