21 Nisan 2017 Cuma

How to improve: 631-Heatmor

1.Stats: Should Heatmor get a stat boost, Evolution, Mega Evolution or nothing?

Heatmor and Durant share the same unique BST. A +10 boost would make it equal to Abomasnow. So a stat boost is unlikely.

An evolution would be in the line of Magmortar. This could potentially be good, but it wouldn't be much of an help.

A Mega Evolution would only work with massive boost to its Speed. Heatmor's Fire-type and low defenses makes it a poor choice for a bulky mixed attacker.

2.Should Heatmor get more abilities?

Yes. Heatmor only has terrible abilities, so anything would be wonderful. Flame Body, Magma Armor would be both thematically fitting, but others like Technician would be also great.

3. Should Heatmor get more moves?

Yes. Heatmor has a wide arrange of moves, but it lacks powerful moves. Its most powerful coverage moves are Giga Drain and Thunder Punch, and if we count unreliable ones, Focus Blast and Solar Beam.

This is not good, so of course Heatmor needs more moves.

In addition, Heatmor needs some form of Special Attack booster to use its Sp. Attack, as currently it is heavily Physical oriented.

4.What additional typing Heatmor can have?

Dark is an obvious one, so is Fighting. Despite being a Magma Pokémon, Heatmor doesn't have much Rock, Ground or Poison moves.

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