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How to improve: 561-Sigilyph

1.Stats: Should Sigilyph get a stat boost, Evolution, Mega Evolution or nothing?

A stat boost to Sigilyph would be good, but it is already one of the strongest single-stagers. +10-+20 boost would be good, rising it to 510 BST. Any of stats can be updated, since Sigilyph is fairly balanced, though its Attack is quite weak, so boosts on that front would be largely pointless.

An evolution would be interesting, but awkward. It would be close to Electivire and Magmortar than a Lickilicky.

A Mega would be potentially terrifying. It might see much use, but as Sigilyph is already powerful enough, it can be quite the challange.

2.Should Sigilyph get more abilities?

Maybe. Sigilyph already has great Abilities, and three of them, so another one is unnecessary for the time being.

Some ideas would include Synchronize, Magic Bounce, Technician, Gale Wings and Intimidate.

3. Should Sigilyph get more moves?

Maybe. Sigilyph already has a great TM and Move Tutor movepool. Its Level-Up moveset is limited to STAB moves, however, with its strongest move being Sky Attack.

Most obvious moves for Sigilyph would be Weather Ball and Hurricane. Outside of that, Thunderbolt, Thunder, Blizzard, Grass Knot and Nasty Plot would be good.

4.What additional typing Sigilyph can have?

Due to its desert association, Rock can work. Dark, Electric and Ice would be interesting as well.

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