20 Ağustos 2016 Cumartesi

Some more ideas for fangames

Pokémon Prime: Based on the TCG card class,, these would be unique variants of existing Pokémon with slightly better stats and movepool. They can serve as mid-bosses or event Pokémon, but they cannot be the default variant.

Team Assisters: Serving as glorified items, these species would give similar boosts to Flower Gift Cherrim, but only by being in the party. This can lead to very interesting team building strategies.

Domestic/Wild variants: Similar to regional variants, these would be largely based on species who are generally wild like Teddiursa and who are generally urban, like Eevee. The "wild" variant can be in two different variants, wild, based off the wild equivalent of the base species, and feral, which is closer to original, but with different types and/or abilities. Domestic variants can be in multiple breeds.

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