3 Ağustos 2016 Çarşamba

Alolan Variation Wishlist:

Kanto Species:

Ekans-Arbok: Going by its description, I would like to see a Dark-type, boa constrictor like variation.

Paras-Parasect: Rather than Mushroom taking over, Paras could get into a symbiotic relationship with the Shroom.

Shellder-Cloyster: Despite being an Ice-type, Cloyster has appeared in several tropical climates. Instead, the new Cloyster can be part Rock and have access to Power Gem with its pearl.

Drowzee-Hypno: A two typed variant would be cool, something like Psychic/Ghost or Dark.

Tentacool-Tentacruel: A part Psychic variant would be cool.

Johto Species:

Corsola: A higher BST variant would be cool.

Hoenn Species:

Huntail-Gorebyss: Just give them their Dark and Psychic-type, please. Also give Clamperl Psychic type as well.

Sinnoh Species:

Chatot: A Water/Flying variant with Skill Link(it gets Metronome as a held item) or a Dark/Flying variant that lives in inner jungles would be cool.

Shellos-Gastrodon: A Water/Rock variant or Bug/Rock variant based off its ancestral hard shelled variation would be cool.

Unova Species:

Dweble-Crustle: I would like to see a Bug/Water variant that uses a regular seashell.

Kalos Species:

Inkay-Malamar:  I would like to see a Water/Flying variant that acts like a regular flying squid.

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