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Sinnoh Variation Wishlist:

Poké Radar species:


Nidorans: Having a non-Poison Nidoran would be interesting as Nidorans are effectively Normal-types before anything and have low affinity for other types such as Dragon, Dark and Fighting. However, Poison-type is pretty much present in their Species name, so is Ground for their evolutions.

Venonat/Venomoth: Same as above, the line has affinities to Psychic and Flying, but it can't use them, due its species name.

Mankey/Primeape: A Ground and/or Fire-type variant would be cool, but since Mankey only appears in Battlefront, I fail to see the point.

Slowpoke-line: A line that is part Ground rather than Psychic would be cool, though it would have to be physically oriented.

Grimer/Muk: A Ground/Water, Water/Grass or Ground/Grass variant would be cool for Route 212's marshlands.

Tauros/Miltank: There are several ways these guys can go, but I don't see much point either way. I think they should just be in the Sinnoh dex because of MooMoo Milk Café.

Ditto: I fail to see the point.

Sentret: It can go in several different ways.

Togepi: A flightless variant, most likely a Poison one, as its name comes from Toge, needle, would make sense, since it is available only in an Island of Route 230, outside of Cynthia's Egg in Platinum.

Mareep: It can go in several ways, but its current places are places for Electric-types.

Hoppip: It can go in several ways, but it is well adapted to its current place.

Sunkern: It can get an additional Fairy or Fire-type, but it should have gotten Fairy-type since day one, so...

Wobbuffet: I don't see the point.

Stantler: An Ice, Ground, or Psychic type variant would be cool. So would Grass, Fighting or anything else.

Smeargle: I fail to see the point.

Tyrogue: A Ground variant would be cool.

Larvitar: A Ground variant would be cool. A coal variant would be cool as well.

Poochyena: It can go in several ways, preferably in a dual-typed way.

Swellow: A Ground or Water-type variant would be cool, as it is Canyon species.

Nincada: It can go in several ways.

Whismur: A proper cavern variant, like a Dark, Ground, Steel, Fighting or Rock-type can work. It can also be Psychic or Fairy.

Aron: A part Water or Fire variant would be cool, but Steel-type must remain.

Torkoal: It is called the Coal Pokémon, and it appears in Stark Mountain, so I doubt something that denies its Fire-type can work.

Trapinch: A part Bug or Water variant can work, or a part Flying one.

Baltoy: I fail to see the point.

Kecleon: It can go several ways, but since it lives in Route 210, it can gain Dragon-type.

Bagon: I fail to see the point, but it can go in a few ways.


Boldore-Gigalith: Several different variants based off the weather rocks can work.

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