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How to improve: 273-274-275: Seedot-Nuzleaf-Shiftry

1.Stats: Should Shiftry get a stat boost, Evolution, Mega Evolution or nothing?
Shiftry is already a fully evolved Pokémon with three stages, so an Evolution is functionally impossible.

A stat boost is expected, as Shiftry, alongside its counterpart Ludicolo, failed to get a stat boost in Generation 6. Shiftry can get 10 to 40 stat boost, which will likely focus on Special Attack and Speed.

A Mega Evolution is, however, the only chance Shiftry has in conventional competitive metagame. Its typing and its stat distribution is not significant enough to make it relevant, and the debuffs on Sucker Punch, Explosion and Hurricane did not help Shiftry at all.

2.Should Shiftry get more abilities?

Shiftry already has three abilities, but all of them are terrible in some manner. Pickpocket requires dropping one's item, Early Bird is irrelevant with the recent immunity to Spore and Powder moves, and Chlorophyll just attracts Fire-types to OHKO Shiftry.

Shiftry can get Moody for stat boosts, Sniper and Super Luck for critical hit spam, No Guard for Hurricane and Solar Power for extra oomph. Leaf Guard would make thematic sense, so would Aftermath.

3. Should Shiftry get more moves?

Yes. Shiftry lacks Dark-type Physical moves besides Sucker Punch. Moves like Pursuit, Assurance, Punishment, Night Slash would make sense. In addition to that, Nuzleaf can get conventional Fighting moves like Thunder Punch, Dual Chop, Superpower, Drain Punch etc. Outside of this, Shiftry can get Flying moves like Acrobatics and Air Slash. Weather Ball also makes thematic sense.

Shadow Claw, Head moves like Zen Headbutt, Head Smash, Iron Head, and Psychic-type moves like Stored Power, Psychic and Psyshock would also be cool. Status spam moves like Powder moves, Taunt, Flatter would be good as well. Fairy moves like Play Rough and Moonblast would be very cool as well.

4.What additional typing Shiftry can have?

Psychic is the most obvious one, alongside Fighting. Flying would also make sense. Fire and Fairy would also make thematic sense. Ghost would be interesting as well.

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