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How to improve: 048-049: Venonat-Venomoth

1.Stats: Should Venomoth get a stat boost, Evolution, Mega Evolution or nothing?

As an early mid-game Bug, Venomoth has no chance of being really good, just acceptably good. With this in mind, there isn't much we can expect from it.

A stat boost can be around +30, and focus on its Quiver Dance stats, boosting them to around 100.

An evolution would make the most sense, but it would likely need a type shift and Mamoswine-like stats.

A Mega Evolution can only work in the style of Beedrill, but it wouldn't be much of a success.

2.Should Venomoth get more abilities?

Compoundeyes, Swarm, Unnerve can work. Prankster would be amazing, so would Magic Guard, Magic Bounce and Synchronize.

But Venomoth already has three abilities, so these are all unlikely.

3. Should Venomoth get more moves?

Venomoth is severely missing good Flying moves, like Air Slash and Hurricane, and has only access to Gust. Outside of this, it would enjoy Dark-type moves like Dark Pulse, and Shadow Ball. Extrasensory would also be interesting. So would Hyper Voice and Uproar.

A Special Poison move in its Level up movepool would aso be appreciated.

4.What additional typing Venomoth can have?

Psychic, Flying and Grass are the most obvious ones. Dark and Ghost are also contenders.

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