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Notes on Trainer Classes of important characters

Gym Leaders:

Gen I:

  1. Brock: N/A, though his Gym uses Campers and Hikers in HGSS.
  2. Misty: Female Swimmer obviously, though her Gym uses Picnickers in FRLG and Sailors in HGSS.
  3. Lt. Surge: N/A (Army Officer), and his Gym uses a variety of trainers.
  4. Erika: N/A (Furisode Girl), and her Gym uses variety of trainers, particularly Beauties.
  5. Koga/Janine: N/A (Ninja), Koga's Gym uses Tamers and Jugglers, whereas Janine's uses Campers and Lasses.
  6. Sabrina: N/A(Tamer in Gen I), Female Psychic(Gen I afterwards), her Gym uses Psychics and Mediums.
  7. Blaine: Scientist obviously, though his Gym uses (After-burn) Burglars and Super Nerds in initial incarnations, as Scientist class was originally called Scientist Gone Astray.
  8. Giovanni: N/A(Mob Boss), though his Gym uses Tamers, Black Belts and Cool Trainers. Blue: Ace Trainer, as his HGSS Gym is full of them.

Gen II:
  1. Falkner: Bird Keeper, obviously, though he is based off a more traditional version.
  2. Bugsy. Bug Catcher, obviously, though he himself is more of a Bug Expert.
  3. Whitney: Somewhere between a Beauty and Lass, which compose her Gym.
  4. Morty: N/A (Ruin Researcher), though his Gym uses Mediums.
  5. Chuck: Black Belt, though he himself is more of a Heavy Lifter.
  6. Jasmine: N/A( Presumably Lady, but a lower class one).
  7. Pryce: Though his Gym consists of Boarders, he is based off Gentleman, hence his cane, though his HGSS design is more of a predecessor for Veterans.
  8. Clair: Though her Gym consists of Ace Trainers, she is a predecessor for Dragon Tamers.
Gen III:
  1. Roxanne: Former Honor Student went Tutor, aka Teacher.
  2. Brawly: N/A(Surfer), though his Gym consist Black Belts and Battle Girls as well as some Sailors in Emerald.
  3. Wattson: Scientist went Gentleman. His Gym uses a variety of trainers, even Battle Girls and Bug Maniacs.
  4. Flannery: N/A(Hot Springs Manager), though her Gym uses Kindlers and Cooltrainers.
  5. Norman: Former Ace Trainer turned Gym Leader. Though his Gym and house in-game have a lot of Zen Buddhism symbolism, that's more to do with the fact he comes from Johto.
  6. Winona: Though her design has inspired Pilots and Sky Trainers, she is canonically a Bird Keeper.
  7. Tate and Liza: They are Psychics, they are Twins, they are Psychic Twins.
  8. Wallace and Juan: N/A(Coordinator).
Gen IV:
  1. Roark: He is a Miner, though his design mostly matches Workers in Oreburgh Mine.
  2. Gardenia: N/A(Explorer), though her Gym predominantly has Aroma Ladies.
  3. Maylene: Though her Gym has Black Belts, she herself a karate Battle Girl.
  4. Crasher Wake: Though his Gym uses a variety of trainers, he is a Pro Wrestler, or at least imitating as one.
  5. Fantina: Technically Dancer, though there hasn't been a Dancer class that matches her ballroom style.
  6. Byron: Same as Roark.
  7. Candice: Same as Whitney, though she is also a fashionista and a Teacher in the animé.
  8. Volkner: Though he is based off J-Rock scene design-wise, he is implied to be an Engineer.
Gen V:
  1. Straiton Brothers: Waiters who also serve as the Cook.
  2. Lenora: Though she is a Librarian and a Paleontologist by profession, her class is de facto Teacher.
  3. Burgh: N/A(Fashion Designer), though his Gym uses Harlequins.
  4. Elesa: Beauty, B2W2 Fashion Model version.
  5. Clay: N/A(Businessman)
  6. Skyla: Pilot
  7. Brycen: Black Belt, but more importantly, Actor.
  8. Drayden/Iris: N/A(Mayor and Wild Girl).
  9. Cheren: Teacher.
  10. Roxie: Guitarist
  11. Marlon: N/A(Net Fisher), predecessor to Scuba Diver.
Gen VI:
  1. Viola: N/A(Photographer)
  2. Grant: N/A(Mountain Sports), though he can be considered a Cyclist.
  3. Korrina: Roller Skater
  4. Ramos: Though his Gym has none of them, he is a Gardener.
  5. Clemont: Visually based off Schoolboy, though he is an Engineer.
  6. Valerie: Furisode Girl
  7. Olympia: Psychic, Specifically a Precog.
  8. Wulfric: N/A(Navy Veteran)
Trial Captains:

Gen VII:
  1. Ilima: Schoolboy?
  2. Lana: Fisherman
  3. Kiawe: Dancer
  4. Mallow: Wanna-be Cook
  5. Sophocles: Super Nerd, but younger and fatter.
  6. Acerola: Hex Maniac, though she is obviously younger.
  7. Mina: Artist/Painter
Elite Four:

Gen I:
  1. Lorelei: N/A(Beauty?)
  2. Bruno: Technically a Black Belt, though he is more of a Bodybuilder.
  3. Agatha: Technically a Madame.
  4. Lance: Predecessor of Dragon Tamer
Gen II:
  1. Will: N/A(Magician)
  2. Koga: Same
  3. Bruno: Same
  4. Karen: Beauty, though her type is unrelated.
Gen III:
  1. Sidney: N/A, predecessor to Gen VII Veteran.
  2. Phoebe: N/A, predecessor to Gen VII Dancer.
  3. Glacia: N/A(Traveller)
  4. Drake: N/A(Ship Captain)
Gen IV:
  1. Aaron: Technically a Bug Catcher.
  2. Agatha: Technically a Socialite.
  3. Flint: N/A
  4. Lucian: N/A
Gen V:
  1. Shauntal: N/A(Writer)
  2. Marshal: Technically a Black Belt, but more of a brawler.
  3. Grimsley: Gambler(localized as Gamer and later PI).
  4. Caitlin: Psychic+Lady.
Gen VI:
  1. Malva: N/A(Reporter, Beauty? She considers herself a Thief.)
  2. Siebold: Chef
  3. Wikstorm: N/A(Knight)
  4. Drasna: N/A(Dragon Elder?)
Gen VII:
  1. Hala: Technically a Gentleman, but N/A, being Kahuna is pretty much his class.
  2. Olivia: N/A(Jewel Merchant? Beauty?
  3. Acerola: N/A
  4. Kahili: Golfer
  1. Red/Blue: Pokémon Trainers.
  2. Lance: See above.
  3. Steven: Rich Boy+Ruin Maniac, Wallace: See above.
  4. Cynthia: Ruin Maniac+Beauty
  5. Alder: N/A, 
  6. Iris: N/A
  7. Diantha: Actress
  1. Hala: See above
  2. Olivia: See above
  3. Nanu: N/A(Detective)
  4. Hapu: N/A(Jockey?)
Villain Team Leaders:
  1. Giovanni: Gym Leader(Businessman)
  2. Maxie: N/A in R/S/E, Scientist in OR/AS
  3. Archie: N/A(Pirate? Naval Captain?)
  4. Cyrus: N/A(Formerly Super Nerd)
  5. Colress: Scientist
  6. Lysandre: N/A
  7. Lusamine: Beauty+Scientist
  8. Guzma/Plumeria: Street Thug/Delinquent
Villain Teams:
  1. Team Rocket: Tamer(OG), N/A.
  2. Team Magma: N/A(Hoodies in R/S/E, Militaristic in OR/AS)
  3. Team Aqua: N/A(Pirates)
  4. Team Galactic: N/A(Astronauts, theorized to be originally have been Super Nerds)
  5. Team Plasma:: N/A(Knights in B/W, Pirates in B2/W2)
  6. Team Flare: Clerks(With Fashionista characteristic)
  7. Team Skull: Canonically Punk Guy/Girl
  8. Aether Foundation: More or less Pokémon Rangers(Main Series)
Frontier Brains:

Gen III:
  1. Anabel: Female Psychic
  2. Spenser: Sage
  3. Brandon: Ruin Maniac
  4. Tucker: N/A(Showman, as in male showgirl)
  5. Greta: Battle Girl
  6. Lucy: Beauty
  7. Noland: N/A(Factory Head, hyuck hyuck)
Gen IV:
  1. Palmer: N/A(Trainer)
  2. Thorton: Rich Boy+Super Nerd
  3. Dahlia: Dancer, though see Fantina.
  4. Darach and Caitlin :Butler and Lady
  5. Argenta: Socialite
Gen V:
  1. Subway Masters: Train operator
Gen VI:
  1. Chantelines: Lady

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