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Moves obtained by mythicals that are not obtained by cover legendaries or Mewtwo

 XY legends were based off Hyper Beam/Giga Impact, and S/M legendaries were based off Cosmic Power, so,,

  1. Sucker Punch
  2. Jump Kick: Though Pheromosa gets it.
  3. Shadow Punch
  4. Copycat: Though Mesprit gets it.
  5. Rolling Kick
  6. Force Palm
  7. Feint: Though Pheromosa gets it.
  8. Counter Though Buzzwole gets it.
  9. Assurance

  1. Trump Card
  2. Synchronoise 
  3. Mind Reader: Though Articuno gets it.
  4. Lucky Chant: Though Mesprit gets it.
  5. Defense Curl
  6. Sonic Boom

  1. Explosion: Though sub-legendaries get it.
  2. Stomp: Though sub-legendaries get it. 
  3. Mist: Though sub-legendaries get it.
  1. Guard Split/Power Split: Though other sub-legendaries get it.
  2. Astonish: Though other sub-legendaries get it.
  3. Ally Switch
  4. Destiny Bond
  1. Flail: Though Uxie gets it.
  2. Sharpen
  3. Harden
  4. Rock Throw: Though sub-legendaries get it.

  1. Self-Destruct
  2. Zap Cannon: Though a lot of sub-legendaries get it.
  3. Simple Beam
  4. Bug Buzz. Though Pheromosa gets it.
  5. X-Scissor: Though Kartana gets it.
  6. Tri Attack: Silvally gets it.
  7. Magnet Bomb
  8. Lock-On: Though Regis get it.
  9. Screech
  10. Fury Cutter: Though Kartana gets it.
  1. Psybeam: Though other mythicals get it.
  2. Teeter Dance:
  3. Sing
  1. Quick Guard. Though Swords of Justice get it. 
  2. Double Kick: Though Swords of Justice get it.
  3. Aqua Jet
  1. Focus Energy: Though Buzzwole gets it.
  2. Inferno
  3. Reversal: Though Buzzwole gets it.
  4. Flame Burst
  5. Final Gambit

  1. Perish Song: Obtained only by Celebi and Meloetta as well.
  2. Refresh: Obtained by Lati twins and Tapu Fini, however.
  3. Seismic Toss: Obtained by no one.
Shaymin Sky Forme:
  1. Leaf Storm
  2. Quick Attack: Though a vast variety of sub-legends and mythicals get it.
Shaymin Land Forme:
  1. Healing Wish: Though Meloetta, Latias and Jirachi get it.
  2. Synthesis: Though Kartana gets it.
Shaymin In General:
  1. Sweet Kiss
  2. Worry Seed
  3. Sweet Scent: Though Tapu Lele gets it.
  4. Leech Seed: Though Tapu Bulu and Celesteela get it.
  5. Magical Leaf: Though Virizion gets it.
  6. Growth
  1. Feint Attack
  2. Nightmare: Ignoring old TMs and Tutors
  3. Haze: Though Volcanion, and Tapu Fini.
  4. Nasty Plot: Though a lot of sub-legends and mythicals get it.
  1. Bubble:
  2. Water Sport: Though Latias gets it.
  3. Charm: Though Latias and Mesprit get it.
  4.  Supersonic:
  5. Bubble Beam: Though Suicune and Keldeo get it.
  6. Acid Armor
  7. Whirlpool: Though Tapu Fini gets it.
  1. Psycho Shift: Though Lati-twins and Cresselia get it.
  2. Pursuit:  Though Marshadow gets it.
  3. Wrap: Though Xurkitree gets it.
  4. Leer: Though a lot of sub-legendaries get it.
  1. Last Resort: Though Azelf gets it.
  2. Helping Hand: Though a lot of sub-legendaries get it.
  3.  Wish: Though Latias gets it.
  1. Heal Block: Though Thundurus gets it.
  2. Baton Pass
  3. Heal Bell
  1. Metronome
  2. Reflect Type: Though Latias gets it.
  3. Pound: Though Nihilego gets it.

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