13 Ocak 2017 Cuma

Notes on Pokémon eras

  1. It seems all eras have gone through an era setter and a sequel. Classic era had the Kanto-Johto duo, Modern era had Hoenn-Sinnoh duo and now Mega era has Kalos-Alola duo. Unova games, though part of Modern era, are largely self-contained with their own equivalent of a Johto with B2W2.
  2. Similarly all eras have had a Mewtwo equivalent. Modern era had Genesect, and now Mega era has Type:Null-line. Each of these are less relevant than the lost one.
  3. Speaking of irrelevancy, Mega era seems to have most irrelevant mascot legendaries, while Advance era has the most relevant ones. While Mega era has provided the most plot relevant side legends with Sun and Moon, it is hard to guess if this will be continuing trend.
  4. As legendaries are becoming less relevant, they are becoming more of a part of the generic Pokémon lines. This of course started with Gen IV, but it seems that this might be continuing trend, as most common Pokémon can reach to legendary levels with generational gimmicks like Mega Evolutions and Z-Crystals.
Going by this, if the next generation is not another timeline reboot, it might be another soft reboot instead, in which case there might be no remakes. That seems obviously unlikely, considering the next generation is an even one.

Another possibility would be another hard timeline reboot. That also seems unlikely until DPPt Remakes come about.

Last idea can be a stop-gap generation that is ambiguous in the timeline, but takes inspiration from R/S/E to continue chronologically from Sun and Moon. Sort of a reverse Black/White type deal.

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