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How to improve: 107-Hitmonchan

1.Stats: Should Hitmonchan get a stat boost, Evolution, Mega Evolution or nothing?

Hitmonchan has 455 BST, which is near-perfect for all three, but we will discuss the issues on the three individually.

a.Evolution: With the possible exception of Wurmple, side-evolutions traditionally do not get third stages. With this in mind, however, Hitmonchan's BST is very ripe for an evolution, as both Dusclops and Golbat who carry it have gotten evos.

But as this is unlikely we won't bother with it. What needs to be mentioned here is that both the two evolutions had near 100 BST updates, with Dusknoir having a 70 BST upgrade and Crobat having a 80 BST upgrade. If put in right places, these can make a serious difference for Hitmonchan, but likely some will be put into Sp. Atk and be misused.

Similarly, Hitmonchan's defensive stats makes the concept of an Eviolite boost ridiculous, as AV Hitmonchan is already one of the most reliable Hitmonchan sets.

b.Stat boost: Hitmonchan is one of the few Gen I Pokémon to have a significantly higher BST than its previous BST, by having a 110 Sp. Defense. This makes a future stat boost unlikely.

Another element is how early it evolves. At Level 20, ignoring Gyarados, Hitmonchan is already one of the strongest Pokémon in the game, with its counterparts coming behind it.

c.Mega Evolution: The only Pokémon with a 455 BST and a Mega is Banette, which makes a decent enough analogue for a Hitmonchan Mega. In short, it would be very useful, but it wouldn't be used over other Megas.

An evolution would be more reliable.

2.Should Hitmonchan get more abilities?

Yes, but it is unlikely, as it already has three abilities and one of them was a former Signature Ability for it(Iron Fist). Some other potential candidates include:

1.Guts: As a defensive Fighting-type, Hitmonchan is heavily crippled with Burn. This would fix its weakness to it.

2.Sheer Force: As a Punching Pokémon, Hitmonchan has access to a lot of moves with secondary abilities, so this would help with it.

3.Scrappy: As its movepool is predominantly Fighting and Normal, this Ability would be beneficial for Hitmonchan.

3. Should Hitmonchan get more moves?

Most useful move for it would be Sucker Punch.

After that, a reliable recovery move, access to some other Punching moves like Ice Hammer and Meteor Mash would be nice. Swords Dance would be cool as well.

4.What additional typing Hitmonchan can have?

The humanoid design of Hitmonchan makes such a question rather absurd, but Hitmon-line has a strong association with Rock and Ground. Hitmonchan himself does not have such an association with another type.

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