16 Aralık 2016 Cuma

Hegelian Digging at Create Anything Thread of Serebiiiforums, p1



Move: Inner Fire
Type: Fire
Category: Status
Power: --
PP: 30
Accu.: --
Effect: Increases user's Special Attack by one stage.
The user kindles the fire inside of itself, increasing its Sp. Attack by one level.

New Move: Crater Blast
Category: Special
Type: Rock
Power: 140
PP: 5
Acc: 100%
The user summons an enormous meteor to smash the foe into the ground. The user's Special Attack is then sharply lowered.
Move: Rolling Thunder
Description: Attacks foe a repeated 5 times, unless it misses, each time becoming a little stronger than the last.
Acc: 80
PP: 20
Power: 40
Type: Electric

Electric version of Rollout.

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