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How to improve: 672-673, Skiddo-Gogoat

1.Stats: Should Gogoat get a stat boost, Evolution, Mega Evolution or nothing?

Gogoat has 531 BST, higher than of certain three stage Pokémon. So, it can't go higher.

This means that only possible improvement for Gogoat is through Mega Evolution. 

2.Should Gogoat get more abilities?


Gogoat currently has two possible abilities as opposed to the three, so it can use a lot stuff.

1.Chlorophyll: As Speed is Gogoat's Achilles Heel, this is obviously the best option.

2.Leaf Guard: As it would evade Burn, this has the potential of being good.

3.Thick Fat: This would remove two of its most common weaknesses, making it very bulky.

4.Harvest: An odd choice but one can work with its stall options.

5.Reckless: This goat gets a few recoil moves.

6.Rock Head: Same as above.

7.Natural Cure: Evading burn and Poison would be very good on this Goat.

3. Should Gogoat get more moves?

Gogoat gets Growth and 97 Sp. Attack, so it would enjoy a larger Sp. Attack movepool. Such as:

1.Weather Ball.

2. Earth Power.

3.Sludge Bomb

4.Leaf Storm

Gogoat would also enjoy more horn moves, such as:

1. Horn Attack

2. Megahorn.

As well as more recoil moves, such as:

1. Jump Kick

2.Head Smash

And some improved versions of its moves, such as:

1.Stone Edge

2.Power Whip

As well as it would love more status moves. A LOT more, primarily Grassy Terrain due its HA, Grass Pelt.

4.What additional typing Gogoat can have?

Ground and Fighting are obvious, as it gets moves from those types as Level-Up. Normal can also work, since it is a domestic goat.

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