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TY Shitposts about Alola Dex

I have done it with Unova, and I'm bored, so let's go.


1. +100 new Pokémon are expected to be introduced, which might not be the real number if there is a larger trend of introducing less Pokémon.

2.There won't be Gym Leader assumptions, even though they directly impact the distribution of species.

3.No new type is expected.


1-3-Rowlet-1 evo- 2 evo

I expect this guy to be a dual offensive wall breaker, similar to Blaziken, with high offenses on both sides and mediocre stats elsewhere. I expect it to be a little bit tamer than Blaziken with more Speed and Defense and less offense but yeah that's about it.

As for its typing I expect it to remain Grass/Flying, and if there is a type change I expect it to happen at its final stage.

4-6-Popplio-1 evo- 2 evo

I expect this guy to be an offensive bulky water, like Swampert. Its Special Defenses will be higher, and its Sp. Attack will be too.

As for its typing I expect it to become Water/Ice as it is literally a tropical Seel. Its movepool will also likely be close to it.

7-9.Litten-1 evo-2 evo

I expect it to be a fast little kitten, as even though it will evolve into a Tiger, the other tiger we had Raikou was also the fastest of the Legendary Beasts, so I expect this cat to be a traditional cat.

As for its typing I expect it to be a Fire/Dark, with mediocre(!) Attack and high Sp. Attack, with moderate defenses and poor HP. I expect fandom to go crazy about how it gets Bite but not Crunch like the previous kitties.

10-12-Trailerbirb-1 evo-2 evo
I expect it to gain a new typing, but I can't say anything for now.

13-15-Trailerdoge-1 evo- 2 evo
I expect it to remain its original typing.

16-17-Regional Rodent:
Based off a Polynesian Rat, I expect it to evolve into a fast Normal/Water.

18-19-Regional Early Electric:
I expect it to be another two stage Pokémon. I expect its movepool to be similar to Heliolisk's, but I expect it to be another bulky sweeper like Ampharos and Luxray.

20-21-Regional Early Fighting:
I expect it to be pure Fighting like Makuhita-Hariyama, but more faster and less bulky. I don't expect it to be a three stagers.

22-24.Regional Bug/Flying:
I expect it to be similar to Vivillon, but I'm hoping it to be physically oriented.

25-27.Regional Bug/Poison:
I hope it becomes a Specially oriented Cockchafer since Scatterbug didn't evolve into one, or another venom moth, but I expect it to be another physical bug.

28-31.Sun Early Grass:
Probably based off Hibiscus.Offensive but slow

32-34.Moon Early Grass:
Probably a nocturnal species. Defensive but fast.

35-36.Early Fire:
Probably another mammal set on Fire. Physically oriented.

37-38.Fossil 1:
Fast wall.

39-40.Fossil 2:
Fast Special Sweeper.

41-43.Early Rock-type:
Specially oriented. Either Rock/Water or Rock/Psychic.

44-46.Early Psychic-type:
Pure Psychic, Effectively a physical Reuniclus with more speed and less offense.

47-48.Grimer clone:
Sp. Attack oriented with mediocre speed.

49-50. Random two stage Ghost:
Speed oriented with status spam.

51-52.Early Fairy-type:
Speedy and Attack oriented with low HP.

53-54.Mid-game Fairy-type:
Defense and Speed oriented with status spam.

55-56.Early Dark-type:
Sp. Attack oriented with new Moxie and Intimidate variants.

57-58.Mid-game Dark-type:
Speed oriented.

59-60.Mid-game Ground-type:
Specially oriented with Sand Veil. Beach based.

61-62.Late mid-game Fire-type:
Physically oriented Magma based Pokémon. Fire to Fire/Steel.

63-66.Three staged Steel-type:
Part Ground. Physically oriented Magnezone-like stats.

67-68.Late mid-game Electric:
Another Speedy Special attacker, but part Psychic.

69-70.Late mid-game Fighting:
Specially oriented. Part Fairy.

71.Random Grass-type:
Status spammer.

72-75.Three stage Dragon-type:
Specially oriented with 540 BST.

76.Random Fairy:
Sp. Defense wall.


78.Random Dragon:
Bulky Sp. Attacker.

79-80.Random Artificial Pokémon.:
Part Fairy.

81-82.Random Artificial Pokémon 2:
Part Dark.

83-84.Random Bug:
Specially oriented. Not fast, but defensive. Part Psychic.

85-86.Random Normal:
Part Fighting. Effectively Ursaring v.2.

87-89.Random Ice:
Part Steel with Heatproof. Vanilluxe-esque balanced stats.

90-91.Random Ghost:

92-94.Random Dragon:

Part Fairy. Speed oriented.

Fire/Psychic. Defense over Speed.

Ghost/Psychic. Speed over defense.

Dark/Psychic. Has something similar to Aura Break, but has the same BST as Solgaleo and Lunaala.

Not a Pixie, but 600 BST.

103.Mythical 2
600 BST

104.Mythical 3
700 BST.

105.Mythical 4:
600 BST with 700 BST alternate forme.

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