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Sun & Moon Stuff

Just some stuff:

Moonblast Learners:
  1. Clefairy
  2. Oddish  
  3. Gardevoir (Has Mega)
  4. Swablu  
  5. Altaria (Has Mega)
  6. Lunatone
  7. Cresselia
  8. Whimsicott
  9. Flabébé
  10. Floette
  11. Florges
  12. Spritzee
  13. Aromatisse
  14. Sylveon
  15. Carbink
  16. Xerneas
  17. Diancie (Has Mega)
Moonlight Learners:
  1. Clefairy
  2. Oddish
  3. Gloom
  4. Umbreon
  5. Dustox
  6. Volbeat
  7. Illumise
  8. Cresselia
  9. Munna
  10. Noivern
  11. Exeggcute  
  12. Exeggutor  
  13. Sableye (Has Mega)
Morning Sun Learners:
  1. Espeon
  2. Beautifly
  3. Cherubi
  4. Cherrim
  5. Venonat
  6. Venomoth  
  7. Growlithe
  8. Arcanine
  9. Ponyta
  10. Rapidash
  11. Togepi
  12. Togetic
  13. Sunkern
  14. Sunflora
  15. Togekiss  
  16. Pidove
  17. Tranquill
  18. Unfezant
  19. Larvesta
  20. Volcarona
Solar Power Obtainers:
  1. Sunkern
  2. Sunflora
  3. Mega Houndoom(is Mega)
  4. Tropius
  5. Charmander
  6. Charmeleon
  7. Charizard (Has Megas)
  8. Helioptile
  9. Heliolisk
Sun Stone Pokémon:
  1. Sunflora
  2. Lilligant
  3. Whimsicott
  4. Heliolisk
  5. Bellossom
Moon Stone Pokémon:
  1. Clefable
  2. Nidoking
  3. Nidoqueen
  4. Delcatty
  5. Wigglytuff
  6. Musharna
General Speculation:

  1. This generation will last three years, with one Generation starter, a set of DP remakes, and GSC VC release.
  2. EV/IV system will likely be overhauled. This might mean that there won't be a Super Training mechanism, if EVs are abolished.
  3. A lot of items will be abolished. Sugimori has stated that he wishes to return to simplicity of the original games, and there is a lot of redundant items such as Pokéblock berries, type exclusive held items, bunch of key items etc.
  4. Because this is an odd generation, there will likely be 100+ new Pokémon. Recent tide of more conservative distributions like Generation VI's 72 new Pokémon is unlikely to change this, as not only that was not well-received, but also historically odd generations introduce far more new Pokémon than just 100, so 100 itself is a conservative estimate.
  5. Because this is an odd generation, there will likely not be any Megas that are disguised standard cross-generational evolutions, such as Mega Sableye, Mega Altaria, Mega Mawile, Mega Absol et. al.

Mega Evolution Speculation:

For Sun &Moon:

Generation I:
  1. Mega Butterfree(since Mega Beedrill has its own Mega now).
  2. Mega Machamp(recently gained public attention and updated stats)
  3. Mega Vileplume(updated stats and S&M aesthetic)
  4. Mega Nidoking(updated stats and Moon Stone)
  5. Mega Nidoqueen(updated stats and Moon Stone)
Generation II:
  1. Mega Typhlosion
  2. Mega Meganium
  3. Mega Feraligatr(VC Gold and Silver release)
  4. Mega Bellossom(updated stats and Sun Stone. Also Hawaii)
  5. Mega Slowking(counterpart to Slowbro)
Generation III:
  1. Mega Lunatone
  2. Mega Solrock(well, duh)
  3. Mega Delcatty(former version counterpart of Lopunny, and Moon Stone)
  4. Mega Flygon(was intended ORAS, but didn't make it)
  5. Mega Milotic(counterpart to Mega Gyarados)
Generation IV:
  1. Mega Roserade(Updated stats, and is three stage)
Generation V:
  1. Mega Leavanny
  2. Mega Scolipede(Updated stats and is three stage)
Generation VI:
  1. Mega Aurorus
  2. Mega Tyrantrum(Fossil Pokémon, and S&M aesthetic)
For D&P remakes:

Generation I:
  1. Mega Clefable(Spaaace.... and Moon Stone)
Generation II:
  1. Mega Azumarill(updated stats and unique typing)
Generation III:
  1. Ideally, it would be have been Mega Beautifly/Dustox, but Dustox's stats have not been updated in Gen VI, so I doubt it.
Generation IV:
  1. Mega Starters(duh)
  2. Mega Luxray(counterpart to Ampharos/Manectric)
  3. Mega Froslass(counterpart to Glalie)
  4. Mega Weavile or Mega Honchkrow(main Pokémon of Cyrus)
  5. Mega Hippowdon or Mega Rhyperior(main Pokémon of Bertha)
  6. Mega Infernape or Mega Magmortar(main Pokémon of Flint)
  7. Mega Bronzong or Mega Gallade(main Pokémon of Lucian)
  8. Mega Drapion(main Pokémon of Aaron)
Generation V:
  1. ???
Generation VI:
  1. ???
Additional commentaries:
  1. New forms for Lugia and Ho-oh with new signature moves, as they are currently very poor.
  2. New forms for Creation trio, for the same reason above. Possibly a Fusion between Palkia and Dialga.

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