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Fake Trainer Archetypes, Part 2

Part 1 here: http://magpiejay1234.tumblr.com/post/139674402694/since-many-types-have-very-few-specialist-classes

Boy, let's continue,

Species specifc archetypes:

Snake Charmer: A dedicated trainer type for snake and reptilian Pokémon, this trainer class will be largely focused those Pokémon, as well as some dancing Pokémon. These trainers will be fought largely where snake Pokémon live, or in inner cities and towns, during big festivals.

Defeating them will reward the player one of the Flutes, and in later stages, Shed Shell.

Dog Tamer: Using canid Pokémon, Dog Tamers would be primarily found in inner cities. Some of them might also species related to Dog Taming, such as Chimecho.

Acrobat: Appearing in ring circuits, but also in some independent shows, Acrobats would use Pokémon with connection to Acrobatics, such as species that learn Acrobatics, or get Unburden.

"Evolutions" of existing archetypes:

Aroma Lady-Herbalist:

The older variant of Aroma Lady, Herbalist would be middle-aged or old women using Pokémon associated with the move Aromatherapy, such as Spritzee and Grass-types, as well as Pokémon that are known to be used in traditional medicine, such as Stantler and Gabite.

After the battle, depending on the species they have, they can heal one's Pokémon. In addition, after being defeated, they will give out herbal medicine to heal your Pokémon.

Bird Keeper-Falconer:

Using predominantly carnivorous birds, Falconers would be the upgraded variant of Bird Keepers. Much like regular Bird Keepers, they can be male or female. They will be largely found in mountainous areas and large plains. Some might also use meat animals, such as Basculin, Bouffalant and Tauros.

Defeating them will award player with the Wings.

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