22 Mart 2016 Salı

More terrible ideas

Because why not?


  1. A Special variant of Meditite/Medicham: Based on Buddhist ascetic traditions, Meditite-line could have a reversal species based off Buddhist monks. These species would be more masculine than Medicham, however.
  2. Alternate type variants of Marill: As side evolutions to Azurill, there can be Grass, Fire or Electric spin-offs of Azurill. Azurill's Normal-type is currently pointless, so this would be a means of using it. Azurill can also now get Tri Attack.
  3. Sketch for all Egg Groups: Smeargle currently belongs to Field Egg Group, so it would make sense to have variants for all Egg Groups.
  4. Wingless Masquerain: Just give us a proper Water/Bug, GF.
  5. Alternate Lucario variants: Similar to Tyrogue, Riolu can get different Lucario with different stat distributions.
  6. Shroomish evolution that is a goddamn Fairy: Please.
  7. Day evolution/night evolution for night evolutions, day evolutions: Primarily for species that do not have counterparts, like Chingling, Budew and Riolu.
  8. Nekkid Wormadam that is pure Bug, because why not.

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