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Implied Alternate Formes:


Black When its body temperature goes up, it turns into steam and vanishes. When its temperature lowers, it returns to ice.

Note: This is referring to Acid Armor, but Acid Armor just liquefies Cryogonal, it doesn't turn it into a steam.


White It freezes its breath to create fangs and claws of ice to fight with. Cold northern areas are its habitat.


X Trimming its fluffy fur not only makes it more elegant but also increases the swiftness of its movements.

Note: This is referring to its trimmed forms, but those do not create excessive swiftness.


Black Males swing their head plumage to threaten opponents. The females' flying abilities surpass those of the males.

Note: This is referring to their gender difference, but that is purely cosmetic.


Diamond As a protective technique, it can completely freeze its fur to make its hairs stand like needles.


Platinum When launching 3,600 degrees F fireballs, its body takes on a whitish hue from the intense heat.


HeartGold As its electric charge amplifies, blue sparks begin to crackle between its horns.


HeartGold Research continues on this Pokémon, which could be the power source of a unique motor.


Pearl Scientists discovered that the distinctive patterns on its back differ by region.


Diamond Its color and shapes differ from region to region. In the Sinnoh region, two types are confirmed.


Red It is rumored that the ferocious warning markings on its belly differ from area to area.

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