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Ability/Dex Entry Contradictions


Stadium: It appears to be very vicious. It attacks with razor-sharp claws and won't stop until the enemy is defeated.

Diamond/Pearl/Platinum: In the rocky mountains where Charmeleon live, their fiery tails shine at night like stars.

Charmeleon doesn't get Tough Claws or Illuminate.


Red/Blue: After birth, its back swells and hardens into a shell. Powerfully sprays foam from its mouth.

Ruby/Sapphire: Squirtle's shell is not merely used for protection. The shell's rounded shape and the grooves on its surface help minimize resistance in water, enabling this Pokémon to swim at high speeds.

Squirtle doesn't get Shell Armor or Swift Swim.

Ruby/Sapphire: Its tail is large and covered with a rich, thick fur. The tail becomes increasingly deeper in color as Wartortle ages. The scratches on its shell are evidence of this Pokémon's toughness as a battler.

Wartortle doesn't get Shell Armor.


Ruby/Sapphire:  Blastoise has water spouts that protrude from its shell. The water spouts are very accurate. They can shoot bullets of water with enough accuracy to strike empty cans from a distance of over 160 feet.

Blastoise doesn't get Sniper.


Red/Blue: Its short feet are tipped with suction pads that enable it to tirelessly climb slopes and walls.
Yellow If you touch the feeler on top of its head, it will release a horrible stink to protect itself.
Stadium It has large, eye-like patterns on its head as protection. They are used to frighten off enemies.

Caterpie doesn't get Stench, Suction Cups, or Intimidate.


Yellow: Hardens its shell to protect itself. However, a large impact may cause it to pop out of its shell.

Ruby/Sapphire:  The shell covering this Pokémon's body is as hard as an iron slab. Metapod does not move very much. It stays still because it is preparing its soft innards for evolution inside the hard shell.

FireRed Even though it is encased in a sturdy shell, the body inside is tender. It can't withstand a harsh attack.

Metapod doesn't get Weak Armor or Sturdy.


Yellow: Its wings, covered with poisonous powders, repel water. This allows it to fly in the rain.

Gold: It collects honey every day. It rubs honey onto the hairs on its legs to carry it back to its nest.

Butterfree doesn't get Shield Dust or Honey Gather.


Red/Blue: Often found in forests, eating leaves. It has a sharp venomous stinger on its head.

Weedle doesn't get Poison Point.


Yellow: Able to move only slightly. When endangered, it may stick out its stinger and poison its enemy.

Kakuna doesn't get Poison Point.


Red/Blue: Flies at high speed and attacks using its large venomous stingers on its forelegs and tail.

Beedrill doesn't get Poison Point.


Emerald: This Pokémon flies around, patrolling its large territory. If its living space is violated, it shows no mercy in thoroughly punishing the foe with its sharp claws.

Pidgeotto doesn't get Tough Claws.


Yellow This Pokémon flies at Mach 2 speed, seeking prey. Its large talons are feared as wicked weapons.

Silver: It spreads its beautiful wings wide to frighten its enemies. It can fly at Mach 2 speed.
Crystal: Its outstanding vision allows it to spot splashing Magikarp, even while flying at 3,300 feet.

Pidgeot doesn't get Tough Claws, Intimidate, Keen Eye or Sniper.


Gold: Gnaws on anything with its tough fangs. It can even topple concrete buildings by gnawing on them.

Raticate doesn't get Strong Jaw.


Crystal: When it is angered, it immediately discharges the energy stored in the pouches in its cheeks.

Pikachu doesn't get Volt Absorb or Anger Point.

Yellow It keeps its tail raised to monitor its surroundings. If you yank its tail, it will try to bite you.

Pikachu doesn't get Frisk, Anticipation or Keen Eye.


Yellow: When electricity builds up inside its body, it becomes feisty. It also glows in the dark.

Raichu doesn't get Anger Point or Illuminate.


Sapphire: Sandshrew has a very dry hide that is extremely tough. The Pokémon can roll into a ball that repels any attack. At night, it burrows into the desert sand to sleep.

Sandshrew doesn't get Sturdy or Bulletproof.


Stadium: Curls into a ball of sharp spikes and rolls into enemies. It is also adept at slashing with its sharp claws.

Emerald: It curls up in a ball to protect itself from enemy attacks. It also curls up to prevent heatstroke during the daytime when temperatures rise sharply.

Sandslash doesn't get Tough Claws, Sturdy, Bulletproof or Heatproof.


Red/Blue: Its hard scales provide strong protection. It uses its hefty bulk to execute powerful moves.

Nidoqueen doesn't get Sturdy or Bulletproof.


Red: An aggressive Pokémon that is quick to attack. The horn on its head secretes a powerful venom.

Nidorino doesn't get Anger Point.


Yellow: Its steel-like hide adds to its powerful tackle. Its horns are so hard, they can pierce a diamond.

Stadium: Has a rock-hard hide that is worn like armor. The long horn on its head is sharp and highly venomous.

Nidoking doesn't get Sturdy, Battle Armor or Bulletproof.


Red/Blue: A timid fairy Pokémon that is rarely seen. It will run and hide the moment it senses people.

Clefable doesn't get Run Away.


Red/Blue: Very smart and very vengeful. Grabbing one of its many tails could result in a 1000-year curse.

Ninetales doesn't get Cursed Body.


Red/Blue: The body is soft and rubbery. When angered, it will suck in air and inflate itself to an enormous size.

Wigglytuff doesn't get Limber.


Yellow It attacks in a stealthy manner, without warning. Its sharp fangs are used to bite and suck blood

Golbat doesn't get Strong Jaw.


Gold: What appears to be drool is actually sweet honey. It is very sticky and clings stubbornly if touched.

Gloom doesn't get Honey Gather or Sweet Veil.


Red/Blue: Burrows to suck tree roots. The mushrooms on its back grow by drawing nutrients from the bug host.

Paras doesn't get Sap Sipper.


Silver Poison oozes from all over its body. It catches and eats small bugs at night that are attracted by light.

Ruby: Venonat is said to have evolved with a coat of thin, stiff hair that covers its entire body for protection. It possesses large eyes that never fail to spot even minuscule prey.

Venonat doesn't get Poison Touch, or Poison Point, or Fur Coat or Shield Dust.


Yellow: The powdery scales on its wings are hard to remove. They also contain poison that leaks out on contact.

Venomoth doesn't get Poison Touch or Poison Point.


Red/Blue: Lives about one yard underground where it feeds on plant roots. It sometimes appears above ground.

Diglett doesn't get Sap Sipper.


Emerald Meowth withdraw their sharp claws into their paws to silently sneak about. For some reason, this Pokémon loves shiny coins that glitter with light.

Meowth doesn't get Tough Claws.


Stadium: Appears unaware and totally vacant. However, if its chronic headache worsens, it starts exhibiting peculiar powers.

Psyduck doesn't get Unaware.


Ruby Poliwag has a very thin skin. It is possible to see the Pokémon's spiral innards right through the skin. Despite its thinness, however, the skin is also very flexible. Even sharp fangs bounce right off it.

Poliwag doesn't get Limber.


Red/Blue: Capable of living in or out of water. When out of water, it sweats to keep its body slimy.

Stadium: Capable of living on land, but prefers to stay in water. If it is out of water, it sweats to keep its skin moist.

Ruby/Sapphire: The surface of Poliwhirl's body is always wet and slick with an oily fluid. Because of this greasy covering, it can easily slip and slide out of the clutches of any enemy in battle.

Poliwag doesn't get Gooey, Hydration, or Infiltrator.


Red/Blue: Using its ability to read minds, it will identify impending danger and Teleport to safety.

Yellow Sleeps 18 hours a day. If it senses danger, it will teleport itself to safety even as it sleeps.

Abra doesn't get Telepathy, Forewarn or Anticipation.


Crystal: It has an IQ of 5000. It calculates many things in order to gain the edge in every battle.

Alakazam doesn't get Analytic.


Ruby: Machamp has the power to hurl anything aside. However, trying to do any work requiring care and dexterity causes its arms to get tangled. This Pokémon tends to leap into action before it thinks.

Machamp doesn't get Hustle or Klutz.


Yellow Prefers hot and humid places. It ensnares tiny insects with its vines and devours them.

Ruby/Sapphire: A Bellsprout's thin and flexible body lets it bend and sway to avoid any attack, however strong it may be. From its mouth, it leaks a fluid that melts even iron.

Bellsprout doesn't get Damp and Limber.


Yellow: It can sometimes be found all dry and shriveled up on a beach. Toss it back into the sea to revive it.

Crystal As it floats along on the waves, it uses its toxic feelers to stab anything it touches.

Tentacool doesn't get Water Absorb, Poison Point, Poison Touch.


FireRed It has 80 tentacles that move about freely. They can sting, causing poisoning and sharp, stabbing pain.

Crystal When its 80 feelers absorb water, it stretches to become like a net to entangle its prey.

Ruby Tentacruel has large red orbs on its head. The orbs glow before lashing the vicinity with a harsh ultrasonic blast. This Pokémon's outburst causes rough waves around it.

Tentacruel doesn't get Water Absorb, Poison Point, Poison Touch, or Illuminate.


Ruby: The longer a Geodude lives, the more its edges are chipped and worn away, making it more rounded in appearance. However, this Pokémon's heart will remain hard, craggy, and rough always.

Geodude doesn't get Weak Armor.


Gold: With a free and uncaring nature, it doesn't mind if pieces break off while it rolls down mountains.

Graveler doesn't get Weak Armor.


Red/Blue: Its boulder-like body is extremely hard. It can easily withstand dynamite blasts without damage.

Yellow Once it sheds its skin, its body turns tender and whitish. Its hide hardens when it's exposed to air.

Silver It is capable of blowing itself up. It uses this explosive force to jump from mountain to mountain.

Golem doesn't get Bulletproof, Shed Skin or Aftermath.


Red/Blue: Incredibly slow and dopey. It takes 5 seconds for it to feel pain when under attack.

Slowpoke doesn't get Simple or Unaware, though it does get Oblivious.


Diamond/Pearl/Platinum: Though usually dim witted, it seems to become inspired if the Shellder on its tail bites down.

Slowbro doesn't get Simple or Unaware, though it does get Oblivious.


Red/Blue/Yellow: Uses anti-gravity to stay suspended. Appears without warning and uses Thunder Wave and similar moves.

Magnemite does not get Levitate.

Ruby: Magnemite attaches itself to power lines to feed on electricity. If your house has a power outage, check your circuit breakers. You may find a large number of this Pokémon clinging to the breaker box.

Magnemite does not get Volt Absorb.


Silver: The Magnemite are united by a magnetism so powerful, it dries all moisture in its vicinities.

Magneton does not get Drought.


Red/Blue: A bird that makes up for its poor flying with its fast foot speed. Leaves giant footprints.

Diamond/Pearl/Platinum: The brains in its two heads appear to communicate emotions to each other with telepathic power.

Doduo does not get Quick Feet or Telepathy.


Gold: Although it can't walk well on land, it is a graceful swimmer. It especially loves being in frigid seas.

Seel does not get Swift Swim.


Diamond/Pearl/Platinum: In snow, the pure white coat covering its body obscures it from predators.

Dewgong does not get Snow Cloak.

Red/Blue: Stores thermal energy in its body. Swims at a steady 8 knots even in intensely cold waters.

Dewgong does not get Swift Swim.


Ruby: Grimer's sludgy and rubbery body can be forced through any opening, however small it may be. This Pokémon enters sewer pipes to drink filthy wastewater.

Grimer does not get Infiltrator.

HeartGold: As it moves, it loses bits of its body from which new Grimer emerge. This worsens the stench around it.

Grimer does not get Weak Armor.


Stadium: Becomes indistinguishable if it hides in dirt. Touching its sludge-covered body causes horrible poisonings.

Muk does not get Poison Point, though the Japanese name of Poison Point, Poison Spime/Needle, explains why.

FireRed: It is usually undetectable because it blends in with the ground. Touching it can cause terrible poisoning.

Muk does not get Sand Veil.


Red/Blue: Its hard shell repels any kind of attack. It is vulnerable only when its shell is open.

Shellder doesn't get Bulletproof.

Stadium: Its shell is harder than diamond. It hides in sand on the sea floor and catches prey with its soft tongue.

Shellder doesn't get Sturdy, Solid Rock or Sand Veil.

Gold: It swims facing backward by opening and closing its two-piece shell. It is surprisingly fast.

Shellder doesn't get Swift Swim.


Yellow: For protection, it uses its harder-than-diamonds shell. It also shoots spikes from the shell.

Cloyster doesn't get Sturdy, Solid Rock.

Stadium: Its shell is so hard, it can even withstand a bomb. No one has ever seen what is inside its shell.

Cloyster doesn't get Bulletproof.

Ruby/Sapphire: Cloyster is capable of swimming in the sea. It does so by swallowing water, then jetting it out toward the rear. This Pokémon shoots spikes from its shell using the same system.

Cloyster doesn't get Water Absorb or Swift Swim.


Red/Blue: Because of its ability to slip through block walls, it is said to be from another dimension.

Haunter doesn't get Infiltrator.


Silver: To steal the life of its target, it slips into the prey's shadow and silently waits for an opportunity.

Gengar only gets Shadow Tag as a Mega.


Ruby: Onix has a magnet in its brain. It acts as a compass so that this Pokémon does not lose direction while it is tunneling. As it grows older, its body becomes increasingly rounder and smoother.

Onix doesn't get Magnet Pull.


Ruby/Sapphire:  Krabby live on beaches, burrowed inside holes dug into the sand. On sandy beaches with little in the way of food, these Pokémon can be seen squabbling with each other over territory.

Krabby doesn't get Sand Veil.


Red/Blue: It stores electric energy under very high pressure. It often explodes with little or no provocation.

Electrode doesn't get Volt Absorb or Pressure.

Diamond/Pearl/Platinum: It is known to drift on winds if it is bloated to bursting with stored electricity.

Electrode doesn't get Levitate.


Silver: Using telepathy only they can receive, they always form a cluster of six Exeggcute.

Exeggcute doesn't get Telepathy.


Silver: If a head drops off, it emits a telepathic call in search of others to form an Exeggcute cluster.

Exeggutor doesn't get Telepathy.


Silver Its long tongue, slathered with a thick gooey saliva, sticks to anything, so it is very useful.

Lickitung doesn't get Sticky Hold.


Red/Blue: Because it stores several kinds of toxic gases in its body, it is prone to exploding without warning.

Koffing doesn't get Aftermath.


Silver: Top-grade perfume is made using its internal poison gases by diluting them to the highest level.

Weezing doesn't get Aroma Veil.


Emerald Once it starts running, it doesn't stop. Its tiny brain makes it so stupid that it can't remember why it started running in the first place.

Rhyhorn doesn't get Klutz, Oblivious or Simple.


Red/Blue: Protected by an armor-like hide, it is capable of living in molten lava of 3,600 degrees.

Rhydon doesn't get Heatproof.

Ruby: Rhydon's horn can crush even uncut diamonds. One sweeping blow of its tail can topple a building. This Pokémon's hide is extremely tough. Even direct cannon hits don't leave a scratch.

Rhydon doesn't get Sturdy, Rock Head, or Bulletproof.


Gold: It walks carefully to prevent its egg from breaking. However, it is extremely fast at running away.

Platinum A kindly Pokémon that lays highly nutritious eggs and shares them with injured Pokémon or people.

Chansey doesn't get Run Away or Healer.


Gold: The vines that cloak its entire body are always jiggling. They effectively unnerve its foes.

Tangela doesn't get Unnerve.


Red/Blue: An enigmatic Pokémon that can effortlessly regenerate any appendage it loses in battle.

Staryu doesn't get Regenerator.


Sapphire: Starmie swims through water by spinning its star-shaped body as if it were a propeller on a ship. The core at the center of this Pokémon's body glows in seven colors.

Starmie doesn't get Swift Swim.


Stadium: Moves incredibly quickly and shreds its enemy with its razor-sharp scythes. On rare occasions, it flies with its wings.

Scyther doesn't get Speed Boost and Hyper Cutter.


Red/Blue: It seductively wiggles its hips as it walks. It can cause people to dance in unison with it.

Jynx doesn't get Own Tempo.


Yellow: If a major power outage occurs, it is certain that this Pokémon has eaten electricity at a power plant.

Electabuzz doesn't get Volt Absorb.

Gold: Electricity runs across the surface of its body. In darkness, its entire body glows a whitish-blue.

Electabuzz doesn't get Illuminate.

Ruby/Sapphire: When a storm arrives, gangs of this Pokémon compete with each other to scale heights that are likely to be stricken by lightning bolts. Some towns use Electabuzz in place of lightning rods.
Electabuzz doesn't get Lightningrod.


Red/Blue: Its body always burns with an orange glow that enables it to hide perfectly among flames.

Magmar doesn't get Illuminate.

Yellow: Born in an active volcano. Its body is always cloaked in flames, so it looks like a big ball of fire.

Magmar doesn't get Magma Armor.

Ruby/Sapphire: In battle, Magmar blows out intensely hot flames from all over its body to intimidate its opponent. This Pokémon's fiery bursts create heat waves that ignite grass and trees in its surroundings.

Magmar doesn't get Intimidate.

Crystal: It moves more frequently in hot areas. It can heal itself by dipping its wound into lava.

Magmar doesn't get Flash Fire.


Red/Blue: Rarely seen in the wild. Huge and vicious, it is capable of destroying entire cities in a rage.

Gyarados doesn't get Anger Point.


Stadium: Attacks by ensnaring its enemy with its tentacles and biting with sharp fangs. Its overly-large shell makes it sluggish.

Omastar doesn't get Strong Jaw.


Yellow: A slim and fast swimmer. It slices its prey with its sharp sickles and drinks the body fluids.

Kabutops doesn't get Hyper Cutter.


Red/Blue: A ferocious, prehistoric Pokémon that goes for the enemy's throat with its serrated saw-like fangs.

Aerodactyl doesn't get Strong Jaw.


Yellow: A legendary bird Pokémon. It freezes water that is contained in winter air and makes it snow.

Articuno doesn't get Snow Warning.

Gold: The magnificent, seemingly translucent wings of this legendary bird Pokémon are said to be made of ice.

Articuno doesn't get Ice Body.


Crystal: Legendary bird Pokémon. They say lightning caused by the flapping of its wings causes summer storms.

Zapdos doesn't get Drought.

Ruby/Sapphire: Zapdos is a legendary bird Pokémon that has the ability to control electricity. It usually lives in thunderclouds. The Pokémon gains power if it is stricken by lightning bolts.

Zapdos doesn't currently get Lightning Rod.


Stadium: A legendary bird Pokémon known as the "fire bird." Every time it flaps, its wings flare and burn brightly.

Moltres doesn't get Illuminate.

Ruby/Sapphire: Moltres is a legendary bird Pokémon that has the ability to control fire. If this Pokémon is injured, it is said to dip its body in the molten magma of a volcano to burn and heal itself.

Moltres doesn't get Magma Armor or Flash Fire.

Platinum: One of the legendary bird Pokémon. It is said that its appearance indicates the coming of spring.

Moltres doesn't get Drought.


Red/Blue: A mystical Pokémon that exudes a gentle aura. Has the ability to change climate conditions.

Dragonair doesn't get any Weather abilities.


Gold: A sweet aroma gently wafts from the leaf on its head. It is docile and loves to soak up the sun's rays.

Chikorita doesn't get Aroma Veil.

LeafGreen: A sweet aroma gently wafts from the leaf on its head. It is docile and loves to soak up the sun's rays.

Chikorita doesn't get Chlorophyll or Solar Power.


Silver: A spicy aroma emanates from around its neck. The aroma acts as a stimulant to restore health.

Bayleef doesn't get Healer.


Gold: The aroma that rises from its petals contains a substance that calms aggressive feelings.
Silver: Meganium's breath has the power to revive dead grass and plants. It can make them healthy again.

Meganium doesn't get Aroma Veil or Healer.


Gold:  It is timid, and always curls itself up in a ball. If attacked, it flares up its back for protection.

Crystal: The fire that spouts from its back burns hottest when it is angry. The flaring flames intimidate foes.

Cyndaquil doesn't get Rattled or Intimidate.


Ruby/Sapphire: Quilava keeps its foes at bay with the intensity of its flames and gusts of superheated air. This Pokémon applies its outstanding nimbleness to dodge attacks even while scorching the foes with flames.

Quilava doesn't get Limber or Quick Feet.


Gold Its well-developed jaws are powerful and capable of crushing anything. Even its trainer must be careful.

Totodile doesn't get Strong Jaw.


Crystal The tips of its fangs are slanted backward. Once those fangs clamp down, the prey has no hope of escape.

Croconaw doesn't get Strong Jaw.


Gold When it bites with its massive and powerful jaws, it shakes its head and savagely tears its victim up.

Feraligatr doesn't get Strong Jaw.

Crystal Although it has a massive body, its powerful hind legs enable it to move quickly, even on the ground.

Feraligatr doesn't get Quick Feet.

Ruby/Sapphire: Feraligatr intimidates its foes by opening its huge mouth. In battle, it will kick the ground hard with its thick and powerful hind legs to charge at the foe at an incredible speed.

Feraligatr doesn't get Intimidate.


Ruby/Sapphire: When Sentret sleeps, it does so while another stands guard. The sentry wakes the others at the first sign of danger. When this Pokémon becomes separated from its pack, it becomes incapable of sleep due to fear.

Sentret doesn't get Rattled or Anticipation.


Crystal It lives in narrow burrows that fit its slim body. The deeper the nests go, the more maze-like they become.

Furret doesn't get Infiltrator.

Ruby/Sapphire: Furret has a very slim build. When under attack, it can slickly squirm through narrow spaces and get away. In spite of its short limbs, this Pokémon is very nimble and fleet.

Furret doesn't get Limber or Quick Feet.


Silver: When the weather turns cold, lots of Ledyba gather from everywhere to cluster and keep each other warm.

Ledyba doesn't get Friend Guard.


Gold :When the stars flicker in the night sky, it flutters about, scattering a glowing powder.

Ledian doesn't get Illuminate.


Red/Blue: It accumulates negative ions in the atmosphere to blast out 10000-volt lightning bolts.

Jolteon doesn't get Lightning Rod or Minus.


Gold It shoots positive and negative electricity between the tips of its two antennae and zaps its enemies.

Chinchou doesn't get Minus or Plus.


Sapphire When Pichu plays with others, it may short out electricity with another Pichu, creating a shower of sparks. In that event, this Pokémon will begin crying, startled by the flash of sparks.

Pichu doesn't get Illuminate.


Ruby/Sapphire: On nights with many shooting stars, Cleffa can be seen dancing in a ring. They dance through the night and stop only at the break of day, when these Pokémon quench their thirst with the morning dew.

Cleffa doesn't get Own Tempo.


Silver Its extremely flexible and elastic body makes it bounce continuously—anytime, anywhere.

Igglybuff doesn't get Limber.


Silver Its fluffy fleece easily stores electricity. Its rubbery hide keeps it from being electrocuted.

Flaaffy doesn't get Limber.

Gold As a result of storing too much electricity, it developed patches where even downy wool won't grow.

Flaaffy doesn't get Volt Absorb.

Diamond If its coat becomes fully charged with electricity, its tail lights up. It fires hair that zaps on impact.

Flaaffy doesn't get Illuminate.


Gold The tail's tip shines brightly and can be seen from far away. It acts as a beacon for lost people.

Ampharos doesn't get Illuminate.


Gold Bellossom gather at times and appear to dance. They say that the dance is a ritual to summon the sun.

Bellossom doesn't get Own Tempo or Drought.


Gold By keeping still and listening intently, it can tell what is in even wild, fast-moving rivers.

Azumarill doesn't get Anticipation.


Ruby/Sapphire: Aipom's tail ends in a hand-like appendage that can be cleverly manipulated. However, because the Pokémon uses its tail so much, its real hands have become rather clumsy.

Aipom doesn't get Klutz.


Silver When it walks around on the ground, it coats its body with a slimy, poisonous film.

Wooper doesn't get Gooey or Poison Point.


Crystal Its body is always slimy. It often bangs its head on the river bottom as it swims but seems not to care.

Quagsire doesn't get Gooey.


Gold It uses the fine hair that covers its body to sense air currents and predict its enemy's actions.

Espeon doesn't get Anticipation.


Gold When agitated, this Pokémon protects itself by spraying poisonous sweat from its pores.
Silver When darkness falls, the rings on the body begin to glow, striking fear in the hearts of anyone nearby.

Umbreon doesn't get Illuminate or Poison Point.


Ruby/Sapphire: Murkrow was feared and loathed as the alleged bearer of ill fortune. This Pokémon shows strong interest in anything that sparkles or glitters. It will even try to steal rings from women.

Murkrow doesn't get Pickpocket.


Gold It likes playing mischievous tricks such as screaming and wailing to startle people at night.

Misdreavus doesn't get Prankster.


Pearl  They seem to communicate among each other telepathically. They are always found stuck on walls.

Unown doesn't get Telepathy.


Gold Its tail has a small brain of its own. Beware! If you get close, it may react to your scent and bite.

Girafarig doesn't get Anticipation.


Ruby/Sapphire: Pineco hangs from a tree branch and patiently waits for prey to come along. If the Pokémon is disturbed while eating by someone shaking its tree, it drops down to the ground and explodes with no warning.

Pineco doesn't get Aftermath.


Crystal The many small metal particles that cover this Pokémon's body reflect bright light well.

Steelix doesn't get Clear Body.


Black/White: Small Pokémon flee from its scary face. It is, however, considered by women to be cute.

Snubbull doesn't get Cute Charm.


Ruby/Sapphire: Granbull has a particularly well- developed lower jaw. The enormous fangs are heavy, causing the Pokémon to tip its head back for balance. Unless it is startled, it will not try to bite indiscriminately.

Granbull doesn't get Strong Jaw.


Gold  To fire its poison spikes, it must inflate its body by drinking over 2.6 gallons of water all at once.

Qwilfish doesn't get Water Absorb.


Gold It swings its eye-patterned pincers up to scare its foes. This makes it look like it has three heads.

Scizor doesn't get Intimidate.

Crystal This Pokémon's pincers, which contain steel, can crush any hard object it gets a hold of into bits.

Scizor doesn't get Hyper Cutter.

Ruby/Sapphire: Scizor has a body with the hardness of steel. It is not easily fazed by ordinary sorts of attacks. This Pokémon flaps its wings to regulate its body temperature.

Scizor doesn't get Sturdy, Solid Rock, or Bulletproof.


Emerald: They gather in forests seeking the sweet sap of trees. It is completely clad in a steel-hard shell. It is proud of its horn, which it uses to fling foes.

Heracross doesn't get Sap Sipper, Sturdy or Bulletproof.


Gold Its paws conceal sharp claws. If attacked, it suddenly extends the claws and startles its enemy.

Sneasel doesn't get Tough Claws or Unnerve/Intimidate.


Gold It never sleeps. It has to keep moving because if it stopped, its magma body would cool and harden.

Slugma doesn't get Insomnia.


Silver If it charges at an enemy, the hairs on its back stand up straight. It is very sensitive to sound.

Piloswine doesn't get Anticipation.

Ruby/Sapphire: Piloswine is covered by a thick coat of long hair that enables it to endure the freezing cold. This Pokémon uses its tusks to dig up food that has been buried under ice.

Piloswine doesn't get Fur Coat.


Gold It traps enemies with its suction-cupped tentacles then smashes them with its rock-hard head.
Silver It instinctively sneaks into rocky holes. If it gets sleepy, it steals the nest of a fellow Octillery.

Octillery doesn't get Rock Head or Infiltrator.


Crystal The pungent-smelling flame that shoots from its mouth results from toxins burning in its body.

Houndoom doesn't get Stench.


Gold It swings its long snout around playfully, but because it is so strong, that can be dangerous.

Phanpy doesn't get Sheer Force.


Gold: It has sharp, hard tusks and a rugged hide. Its Tackle is strong enough to knock down a house.

Donphan doesn't get Sheer Force.


Silver Even in the most vicious storm, this Pokémon plays happily if thunder rumbles in the sky.

Elekid doesn't get Lightning Rod.

Ruby/Sapphire: Elekid stores electricity in its body. If it touches metal and accidentally discharges all its built-up electricity, this Pokémon begins swinging its arms in circles to recharge itself.

Elekid doesn't get Volt Absorb.


Silver It is found in volcanic craters. Its body temp. is over 1100 degrees, so don't under-estimate it.

Magby doesn't get Magma Armor.


Ruby/Sapphire: Raikou embodies the speed of lightning. The roars of this Pokémon send shock waves shuddering through the air and shake the ground as if lightning bolts had come crashing down.

Raikou doesn't get Quick Feet or Speed Boost.


Ruby Entei embodies the passion of magma. This Pokémon is thought to have been born in the eruption of a volcano. It sends up massive bursts of fire that utterly consume all that they touch.

Entei doesn't get Magma Armor.


Gold Its shell is as hard as sheet rock, and it is also very strong. Its Thrashing can topple a mountain.

Pupitar doesn't get Sturdy, Solid Rock or Bulletproof.

Ruby/Sapphire: Pupitar creates a gas inside its body that it compresses and forcefully ejects to propel itself like a jet. The body is very durable - it avoids damage even if it hits solid steel.

Pupitar doesn't get Levitate.


Gold Its body can't be harmed by any sort of attack, so it is very eager to make challenges against enemies.

Tyranitar doesn't get Sturdy, Solid Rock or Bulletproof.


Silver It is said to be the guardian of the seas. It is rumored to have been seen on the night of a storm.

Lugia doesn't get Drizzle.


Sapphire Treecko is cool, calm, and collected - it never panics under any situation. If a bigger foe were to glare at this Pokémon, it would glare right back without conceding an inch of ground.

Treecko doesn't get Defiant.


Ruby The leaves growing on Sceptile's body are very sharp edged. This Pokémon is very agile - it leaps all over the branches of trees and jumps on its foe from above or behind.

Sceptile doesn't get Hyper Cutter.


Diamond/Pearl/Platinum: Its kicking mastery lets it loose 10 kicks per second. It emits sharp cries to intimidate foes.

Combusken doesn't get Intimidate.


Ruby The fin on Mudkip's head acts as highly sensitive radar. Using this fin to sense movements of water and air, this Pokémon can determine what is taking place around it without using its eyes.

Mudkip doesn't get Anticipation.

FireRed/LeafGreen: Its large tail fin propels it through water with powerful acceleration. It is strong in spite of its size.

Mudkip doesn't get Swift Swim.


Ruby The surface of Marshtomp's body is enveloped by a thin, sticky film that enables it to live on land. This Pokémon plays in mud on beaches when the ocean tide is low.

Marshtomp doesn't get Gooey.


Ruby Swampert is very strong. It has enough power to easily drag a boulder weighing more than a ton. This Pokémon also has powerful vision that lets it see even in murky water.

Swampert doesn't get Keen Eye or Frisk

Sapphire Swampert predicts storms by sensing subtle differences in the sounds of waves and tidal winds with its fins. If a storm is approaching, it piles up boulders to protect itself.

Swampert doesn't get Anticipation.

Emerald If it senses the approach of a storm and a tidal wave, it protects its seaside nest by piling up boulders. It swims as fast as a jet ski.

Swampert doesn't Swift Swim besides its Mega.


Sapphire Poochyena is an omnivore - it will eat anything. A distinguishing feature is how large its fangs are compared to its body. This Pokémon tries to intimidate its foes by making the hair on its tail bristle out.

Poochyena doesn't get Intimidate.


Ruby Mightyena gives obvious signals when it is preparing to attack. It starts to growl deeply and then flattens its body. This Pokémon will bite savagely with its sharply pointed fangs.

Mightyena doesn't get Strong Jaw.


Emerald It is exceedingly fast if it only has to run in a straight line. When it spots pond-dwelling prey underwater, it quickly leaps in and catches it with its sharp claws.

Linoone doesn't get Tough Claws.


Ruby Using the spikes on its rear end, Wurmple peels the bark off trees and feeds on the sap that oozes out. This Pokémon's feet are tipped with suction pads that allow it to cling to glass without slipping.
Sapphire Wurmple is targeted by Swellow as prey. This Pokémon will try to resist by pointing the spikes on its rear at the attacking predator. It will weaken the foe by leaking poison from the spikes.

Wurmple doesn't get Sap Sipper, or Poison Point.


Ruby Beautifly's favorite food is the sweet pollen of flowers. If you want to see this Pokémon, just leave a potted flower by an open window. Beautifly is sure to come looking for pollen.

Beautifly doesn't get Sap Sipper.

Emerald Its colorfully patterned wings are its most prominent feature. It flies through flower-covered fields collecting pollen. It attacks ferociously when angered.

Beautifly doesn't get Anger Point.


Ruby Lombre is nocturnal - it will get active after dusk. It is also a mischief-maker. When this Pokémon spots anglers, it tugs on their fishing lines from beneath the surface and enjoys their consternation.
Sapphire Lombre's entire body is covered by a slippery, slimy film. It feels horribly unpleasant to be touched by this Pokémon's hands. Lombre is often mistaken for a human child.

Lombre doesn't get Prankster or Gooey.


Ruby Seedot attaches itself to a tree branch using the top of its head. It sucks moisture from the tree while hanging off the branch. The more water it drinks, the glossier this Pokémon's body becomes.
Sapphire Seedot looks exactly like an acorn when it is dangling from a tree branch. It startles other Pokémon by suddenly moving. This Pokémon polishes its body once a day using leaves.
Seedot doesn't get Water Absorb or Intimidate.


Ruby Nuzleaf live in densely overgrown forests. They occasionally venture out of the forest to scare people. This Pokémon dislikes having its long nose pinched.

Sapphire This Pokémon pulls out the leaf on its head and makes a flute with it. The sound of Nuzleaf's flute strikes fear and uncertainty in the hearts of people lost in a forest.

Nuzleaf doesn't get Intimidate or Unnerve.


FireRed/LeafGreen: A Pokémon that was feared as a forest guardian. It can read the foe's mind and take preemptive action.

Shiftry doesn't get Anticipation or Forewarn.


Emerald A Kirlia has the psychic power to create a rip in the dimensions and see into the future. It is said to dance with pleasure on sunny mornings.

Kirlia doesn't get Own Tempo.


Ruby Gardevoir has the ability to read the future. If it senses impending danger to its Trainer, this Pokémon is said to unleash its psychokinetic energy at full power.

Gardevoir doesn't get Forewarn or Anticipation.


Emerald They gather on puddles after evening downpours, gliding across the surface of water as if sliding. It secretes honey with a sweet aroma from its head.

Surskit doesn't get Honey Gather.


Ruby Shroomish live in damp soil in the dark depths of forests. They are often found keeping still under fallen leaves. This Pokémon feeds on compost that is made up of fallen, rotted leaves.

Shroomish doesn't get Damp.


Sapphire Nincada lives underground. It uses its sharp claws to carve the roots of trees and absorb moisture and nutrients. This Pokémon can't withstand bright sunlight so avoids it.

Nincada doesn't get Tough Claws.


FireRed/LeafGreen: This Pokémon is so quick, it is said to be able to avoid any attack. It loves to feed on tree sap.

Ninjask doesn't get Sap Sipper.


Sapphire Sableye digs the ground with sharpened claws to find rocks that it eats. Substances in the eaten rocks crystallize and rise up to the Pokémon's body surface.

Sableye doesn't get Tough Claws.


Ruby Mawile's huge jaws are actually steel horns that have been transformed. Its docile-looking face serves to lull its foe into letting down its guard. When the foe least expects it, Mawile's chomps it with its gaping jaws.
Sapphire Don't be taken by this Pokémon's cute face - it's very dangerous. Mawile fools the foe into letting down its guard then chomps down with its massive jaws. The steel jaws are really horns that have been transformed.

Mawile doesn't get Strong Jaw or Cute Charm.


Emerald Through crushingly harsh yoga training, it gained the power to foretell its foe's actions. It battles with elegant, dance-like movement.

Pearl Through daily meditation, it hones its spiritual power. It can sense what others are thinking.

Medicham doesn't get Own Tempo or Anticipation.


Ruby Electrike stores electricity in its long body hair. This Pokémon stimulates its leg muscles with electric charges. These jolts of power give its legs explosive acceleration performance.
Sapphire Electrike runs faster than the human eye can follow. The friction from running is converted into electricity, which is then stored in this Pokémon's fur.

Electrike doesn't get Volt Absorb or Quick Feet.


Ruby Manectric is constantly discharging electricity from its mane. The sparks sometimes ignite forest fires. When it enters a battle, this Pokémon creates thunderclouds.

Manectric doesn't get Drizzle.


Ruby Illumise attracts a swarm of Volbeat using a sweet fragrance. Once the Volbeat have gathered, this Pokémon leads the lit-up swarm in drawing geometric designs on the canvas of the night sky.

Illumise doesn't get Sweet Veil or Aroma Veil.


Ruby Roselia shoots sharp thorns as projectiles at any opponent that tries to steal the flowers on its arms. The aroma of this Pokémon brings serenity to living things.

Roselia doesn't get Aroma Veil.


FireRed There is nothing its stomach can't digest. While it is digesting, vile, overpowering gases are expelled.

Gulpin doesn't get Stench.

HeartGold/SoulSilver: It has a small heart and brain. Its stomach comprises most of its body, with enzymes to dissolve anything.

Gulpin doesn't get Simple or Oblivious.


Ruby Carvanha's strongly developed jaws and its sharply pointed fangs pack the destructive power to rip out boat hulls. Many boats have been attacked and sunk by this Pokémon.
Sapphire If anything invades Carvanha's territory, it will swarm and tear at the intruder with its pointed fangs. On its own, however, this Pokémon turns suddenly timid.

Carvanha doesn't get Strong Jaw or Rattled.


Ruby Nicknamed "the bully of the sea," Sharpedo is widely feared. Its cruel fangs grow back immediately if they snap off. Just one of these Pokémon can thoroughly tear apart a supertanker.
Sapphire Sharpedo can swim at speeds of up to 75 mph by jetting seawater out of its backside. This Pokémon's drawback is its inability to swim long distances.

Sharpedo doesn't get Strong Jaw or Swift Swim.


Sapphire Wailmer can store water inside its body to transform itself into a ball for bouncing on the ground. By filling itself up with more water, this Pokémon can elevate the height of its bounces.

Wailmer doesn't get Water Absorb.


Sapphire Numel stores magma of almost 2,200 degrees F within its body. If it gets wet, the magma cools and hardens. In that event, the Pokémon's body grows heavy and its movements become sluggish.

Numel doesn't get Magma Armor.


Ruby Trapinch's nest is a sloped, bowl-like pit dug in sand. This Pokémon patiently waits for prey to tumble down the pit. Its giant jaws have enough strength to crush even boulders.

Trapinch doesn't get Strong Jaw.


Ruby Flygon is nicknamed "the elemental spirit of the desert." Because its flapping wings whip up a cloud of sand, this Pokémon is always enveloped in a sandstorm while flying.

Flygon doesn't get Sand Stream.

Emerald The flapping of its wings sounds like singing. To prevent detection by enemies, it hides itself by flapping up a cloud of desert sand.
FireRed It hides itself by kicking up desert sand with its wings. Red covers shield its eyes from sand.

Flygon doesn't get Sand Veil or Tinted Lens.


Ruby Cacnea lives in arid locations such as deserts. It releases a strong aroma from its flower to attract prey. When prey comes near, this Pokémon shoots sharp thorns from its body to bring the victim down.

Cacnea doesn't get Aroma Veil.


Emerald When it battles, it stands on its hind legs and attacks with its sharply clawed forelegs. Its fur bristles if it encounters any Seviper.

Zangoose doesn't get Tough Claws.


Ruby Seviper shares a generations-long feud with Zangoose. The scars on its body are evidence of vicious battles. This Pokémon attacks using its sword-edged tail.

FireRed It sharpens its swordlike tail on hard rocks. It hides in tall grass and strikes unwary prey with venomous fangs.

Seviper doesn't get Hyper Cutter or Strong Jaw.


Sapphire Lunatone becomes active around the time of the full moon. Instead of walking, it moves by floating in midair using telekinesis. The Pokémon's intimidating red eyes cause all those who see it to become transfixed with fear.

Lunatone doesn't get Intimidate.


Ruby Solrock is a new species of Pokémon that is said to have fallen from space. It floats in the air and moves silently. In battle, this Pokémon releases intensely bright light.
Sapphire Sunlight is the source of Solrock's power. It is said to possess the ability to read the emotions of others. This Pokémon gives off intense heat while rotating its body.

Solrock doesn't get Illuminate, Solar Power, or Anticipation.


Sapphire Barboach's body is covered with a slimy film. If a foe grabs it, this Pokémon just slips out of the enemy's grip. This Pokémon grows weak if the slimy coating dries up.

Barboach doesn't get Gooey or Infiltrator.


Ruby Whiscash is extremely territorial. Just one of these Pokémon will claim a large pond as its exclusive territory. If a foe approaches it, it thrashes about and triggers a massive earthquake.

Emerald Mysteriously, it can foretell earthquakes. In the daytime, it sleeps in mud at the bottom of a pond. When it awakens, it continually feeds throughout the night.

Whiscash doesn't get Anger Point or Gluttony.


Sapphire Corphish catches prey with its sharp claws. It has no likes or dislikes when it comes to food - it will eat anything. This Pokémon has no trouble living in filthy water.

Corphish doesn't get Tough Claws.


Ruby Crawdaunt has an extremely violent nature that compels it to challenge other living things to battle. Other life-forms refuse to live in ponds inhabited by this Pokémon, making them desolate places.
Sapphire Crawdaunt molts (sheds) its shell regularly. Immediately after molting, its shell is soft and tender. Until the shell hardens, this Pokémon hides in its streambed burrow to avoid attack from its foes.

Crawdaunt doesn't get Anger Point, Moxie or Shed Skin.


Ruby Armaldo's tough armor makes all attacks bounce off. This Pokémon's two enormous claws can be freely extended or contracted. They have the power to punch right through a steel slab.

Armaldo doesn't get Sturdy, Solid Rock, Bulletproof or Tough Claws.


FireRed Making itself invisible, it silently sneaks up to prey. It has the ability to slip through thick walls.

Duskull doesn't get Infiltrator.


Ruby Chimecho makes its cries echo inside its hollow body. When this Pokémon becomes enraged, its cries result in ultrasonic waves that have the power to knock foes flying.
Sapphire In high winds, Chimecho cries as it hangs from a tree branch or the eaves of a building using a suction cup on its head. This Pokémon plucks berries with its long tail and eats them.

Chimecho doesn't get Anger Point or Suction Cups.


Sapphire Absol has the ability to foretell the coming of natural disasters. It lives in a harsh, rugged mountain environment. This Pokémon very rarely ventures down from the mountains.

Absol doesn't get Forewarn.


Ruby Wynaut can always be seen with a big, happy smile on its face. Look at its tail to determine if it is angry. When angered, this Pokémon will be slapping the ground with its tail.

Wynaut doesn't get Anger Point.


Ruby Glalie has a body made of rock, which it hardens with an armor of ice. This Pokémon has the ability to freeze moisture in the atmosphere into any shape it desires.

Glalie doesn't get Rock Head, Sturdy or Solid Rock.

FireRed It has a body of ice that won't melt, even with fire. It can instantly freeze moisture in the atmosphere.

Glalie doesn't get Heatproof.


Ruby Walrein's two massively developed tusks can totally shatter blocks of ice weighing ten tons with one blow. This Pokémon's thick coat of blubber insulates it from subzero temperatures.

Walrein doesn't get Strong Jaw.


Sapphire Clamperl grows while being protected by its rock-hard shell. When its body becomes too large to fit inside the shell, it is sure evidence that this Pokémon is getting close to evolution.

Clamperl doesn't get Sturdy or Bulletproof.


Emerald To withstand the crushing pressure of water deep under the sea, its spine is very thick and sturdy. Its tail, which is shaped like a small fish, has eyes that light up.

Ruby Huntail's presence went unnoticed by people for a long time because it lives at extreme depths in the sea. This Pokémon's eyes can see clearly even in the murky dark depths of the ocean.

Huntail doesn't get Illuminate or Keen Eye/Frisk.


Sapphire Relicanth is a rare species that was discovered in deep-sea explorations. This Pokémon's body withstands the enormous water pressure of the ocean depths. Its body is covered in tough scales that are like craggy rocks.

Relicanth doesn't get Multiscales.


Ruby Inside Shelgon's armor-like shell, cells are in the midst of transformation to create an entirely new body. This Pokémon's shell is extremely heavy, making its movements sluggish.
Sapphire Covering Shelgon's body are outgrowths much like bones. The shell is very hard and bounces off enemy attacks. When awaiting evolution, this Pokémon hides away in a cavern.

Shelgon doesn't get Shell Armor or Sturdy/Bulletproof.


Emerald After many long years, its cellular structure underwent a sudden mutation to grow wings. When angered, it loses all thought and rampages out of control.

Salamence doesn't get Anger Point.


Ruby Instead of blood, a powerful magnetic force courses throughout Beldum's body. This Pokémon communicates with others by sending controlled pulses of magnetism.
Sapphire Beldum keeps itself floating by generating a magnetic force that repels earth's natural magnetism. When it sleeps, this Pokémon anchors itself to a cliff using the hooks on its rear.
Emerald When Beldum gather in a swarm, they move in perfect unison as if they were but one Pokémon. They communicate with each other using brain waves.

Beldum doesn't get Magnet Pull, Levitate or Telepathy.


Ruby When two Beldum fuse together, Metang is formed. The brains of the Beldum are joined by a magnetic nervous system. By linking its brains magnetically, this Pokémon generates strong psychokinetic power.
Sapphire When two Beldum fuse together, Metang is formed. The brains of the Beldum are joined by a magnetic nervous system. This Pokémon turns its arms to the rear for traveling at high speed.
Emerald The claws tipping its arms pack the destructive power to tear through thick iron sheets as if they were silk. It flies at over 60 miles per hour.

Metang doesn't get Speed Boost, Levitate, Magnet Pull or Tough Claws.


Ruby Metagross has four brains in total. Combined, the four brains can breeze through difficult calculations faster than a supercomputer. This Pokémon can float in the air by tucking in its four legs.

Metagross doesn't get Analytic or Levitate.


Ruby Regice's body was made during an ice age. The deep-frozen body can't be melted, even by fire. This Pokémon controls frigid air of minus 328 degrees F.

Regice doesn't get Heatproof.


Ruby Latias is highly sensitive to the emotions of people. If it senses any hostility, this Pokémon ruffles the feathers all over its body and cries shrilly to intimidate the foe.

Latias doesn't get Anticipation or Intimidate.

FireRed It can telepathically communicate with people. It changes its appearance using its down that refracts light.

Latias doesn't get Telepathy.


Sapphire Latios will only open its heart to a Trainer with a compassionate spirit. This Pokémon can fly faster than a jet plane by folding its forelegs to minimize air resistance.
Emerald Even in hiding, it can detect the locations of others and sense their emotions since it has telepathy. Its intelligence allows it to understand human languages.

Latios doesn't get Speed Boost, Telepathy, Anticipation.


Diamond Made from soil, the shell on its back hardens when it drinks water. It lives along lakes.
Pearl  It undertakes photosynthesis with its body, making oxygen. The leaf on its head wilts if it is thirsty.
Platinum The shell on its back is made of soil. On a very healthy Turtwig, the shell should feel moist.

Turtwig doesn't get Water Absorb, Chlorophyll, or Damp.


Pearl  The shell is hardened soil. Some Pokémon come to peck the berries growing on the trees on its back.

Grotle doesn't get Harvest.


Diamond To intimidate attackers, it stretches the fire on its tail to make itself appear bigger.

Monferno doesn't get Intimidate.


Diamond Because it is very proud, it hates accepting food from people. Its thick down guards it from cold.

Pearl    It lives along shores in northern countries. A skilled swimmer, it dives for over 10 minutes to hunt.

Piplup doesn't get Thick Fat or Swift Swim.


Pearl  It swims as fast as a jet boat. The edges of its wings are sharp and can slice apart drifting ice.

Empoleon doesn't get Swift Swim or Hyper Cutter.


Diamond It has a savage nature. It will courageously challenge foes that are much larger.

Staraptor doesn't get Defiant.


Diamond All of its fur dazzles if danger is sensed. It flees while the foe is momentarily blinded.

Shinx doesn't get Illuminate.


Platinum Strong electricity courses through the tips of its sharp claws. A light scratch causes fainting in foes.

Luxio doesn't get Tough Claws.


Diamond It has eyes which can see through anything. It spots and captures prey hiding behind objects.
Pearl  When its eyes gleam gold, it can spot hiding prey--even those taking shelter behind a wall.

Luxray doesn't get Frisk or Keen Eye or Illuminate.

HeartGold Luxray's ability to see through objects comes in handy when it's scouting for danger.

Luxray doesn't get Anticipation.


Diamond It attracts prey with a sweet aroma, then downs it with thorny whips hidden in its arms.
Pearl With the movements of a dancer, it strikes with whips that are densely lined with poison thorns.

Roserade doesn't get Aroma Veil or Own Tempo.


HeartGold Its skull withstands impacts of any magnitude. As a result, its brain never gets the chance to grow.

Rampardos doesn't get Simple, Oblivious or Unaware.


Diamond A Pokémon that lived in jungles around 100 million years ago. Its facial hide is extremely hard.

Shieldon doesn't get Rock Head or Battle Armor.


HeartGold When attacked, they form a wall. Their rock-hard faces serve to protect them from the attacks.

Bastiodon doesn't get Rock Head or Battle Armor.


Diamond It loves the honey of flowers and steals honey collected by Combee.

Mothim doesn't get Pickpocket.


Platinum It releases various pheromones to make the grubs in its body do its bidding while fighting foes.

Vespiquen doesn't get Aroma Veil.


Diamond It makes fur balls that crackle with static electricity. It stores them with berries in tree holes.

Pachirisu doesn't get Static.


Platinum Beware of pushing strongly on its squishy body, as it makes a mysterious purple fluid ooze out.

Shellos doesn't get Gooey or Liquid Ooze.


Diamond It has a pliable body without any bones. If any part of its body is torn off, it grows right back.

HeartGold When its natural enemy attacks, it oozes purple fluid and escapes.

Gastrodon doesn't get Regenerator or Liquid Ooze.


Diamond A Pokémon formed by the spirits of people and Pokémon. It loves damp, humid seasons.

Drifloon doesn't get Damp.


Pearl When it senses danger, it perks up its ears. On cold nights, it sleeps with its head tucked into its fur.

Buneary doesn't get Anticipation.


Diamond An extremely cautious Pokémon. It cloaks its body with its fluffy ear fur when it senses danger.

Lopunny doesn't get Anticipation.


Pearl To make itself appear intimidatingly beefy, it tightly cinches its waist with its twin tails.

Purugly doesn't get Intimidate.


Platinum There are researchers who believe this Pokémon reflected like a mirror in the distant past.

Bronzor doesn't get Clear Body.


Pearl It can summon rain clouds. People long ago revered it as the bringer of plentiful harvests.

Bronzong doesn't get Drizzle.


Platinum Its constant mischief and misdeeds resulted in it being bound to an Odd Keystone by a mysterious spell.

Spiritomb doesn't get Prankster.


HeartGold It's said that no foe can remain invisible to Lucario, since it can detect Auras. Even foes it could not otherwise see.

Lucario doesn't get Anticipation.


Pearl Its huge mouth is almost seven feet across. It has enough power to completely crush a car.

Hippowdon doesn't get Strong Jaw.


Pearl It lives in arid lands. It buries itself in sand and lies in wait for unsuspecting prey.

Skorupi doesn't get Sand Veil.


Diamond It has the power in its clawed arms to make scrap of a car. The tips of its claws release poison

Drapion doesn't get Tough Claws.


Pearl Inflating its poison sacs, it makes an eerie blubbering sound for intimidation.

Croagunk doesn't get Intimidate.


Diamond It attracts prey with its sweet-smelling saliva, then chomps down. It takes a whole day to eat prey.

Carnivine doesn't get Sweet Veil.


Diamond After long exposure to sunlight, the patterns on its tail fins shine vividly when darkness arrives.

Platinum The line running down its side can store sunlight. It shines vividly at night.

Finneon doesn't get Illuminate or Solar Power.


Diamond It lives on the deep-sea floor. It attracts prey by flashing the patterns on its four tail fins.

Lumineon doesn't get Illuminate.


Pearl In the spring, it grows berries with the texture of frozen treats around its belly.

Snover doesn't get Harvest.


Platinum Heedless of enemy attacks, it closes in, shoves its tails onto the foe, then looses high voltage.

Electivire doesn't get Reckless.


Diamond It blasts fireballs of over 3,600 degrees F from the ends of its arms. It lives in volcanic craters.
Platinum When launching 3,600 degrees F fireballs, its body takes on a whitish hue from the intense heat.

Magmortar doesn't get Magma Armor or Illuminate.


Platinum Its jaw power is incredible. It is adept at biting apart foes while flying by at high speed.

Yanmega doesn't get Strong Jaw.


Platinum By controlling its body heat, it can freeze the atmosphere around it to make a diamond-dust flurry.

Glaceon doesn't get Snow Warning.


Diamond It observes prey while hanging inverted from branches. When the chance presents itself, it swoops!

Gliscor doesn't get Keen Eye, Frisk or Anticipation.


HeartGold Because it can sense what its foe is thinking, its attacks burst out first, fast, and fierce.

Gallade doesn't get Anticipation.


Platinum Its electric-like body can enter some kinds of machines and take control in order to make mischief.

Rotom doesn't get Prankster.

HeartGold Research continues on this Pokémon, which could be the power source of a unique motor.

Rotom doesn't get Motor Drive.


Platinum Its body is made of rugged steel. However, it is partially melted in spots because of its own heat.
HeartGold Boiling blood, like magma, circulates through its body. It makes its dwelling place in volcanic caves.

Heatran doesn't get any Steel based ability, or Magma Armor.


Diamond Shiny particles are released from its wings like a veil. It is said to represent the crescent moon.

Cresselia doesn't get Illuminate.


Pearl It can dissolve toxins in the air to instantly transform ruined land into a lush field of flowers.

Shaymin doesn't get Healer.


Black It is very intelligent and calm. Being exposed to lots of sunlight makes its movements swifter.

Snivy doesn't get Chlorophyll.


Black It can stop its opponents' movements with just a glare. It takes in solar energy and boosts it internally.
White They raise their heads to intimidate opponents but only give it their all when fighting a powerful opponent.

Serperior doesn't get Solar Power or Intimidate.


Black 2 The more it eats, the more fuel it has to make the fire in its stomach stronger. This fills it with even more power.

Pignite doesn't get Gluttony.


White Part of the armor on its anterior legs becomes a giant sword. Its cry alone is enough to intimidate most enemies.

Samurott doesn't get Intimidate.


Black Using food stored in cheek pouches, they can keep watch for days. They use their tails to communicate with others.
White Extremely cautious, they take shifts to maintain a constant watch of their nest. They feel insecure without a lookout.

Patrat doesn't get Cheek Pouches, Frisk or Anticipation.


White The long hair around its face provides an amazing radar that lets it sense subtle changes in its surroundings.

Lillipup doesn't get Anticipation.


Black It has black, cape-like fur that is very hard and decreases the amount of damage it receives.
White It loyally follows its Trainer's orders. For ages, they have helped Trainers raise Pokémon.

Herdier doesn't get Fur Coat, or Friend Guard.


Black It rescues people stranded by blizzards in the mountains. Its shaggy fur shields it from the cold.

Stoutland doesn't get Thick Fat.


Black They steal from people for fun, but their victims can't help but forgive them. Their deceptively cute act is perfect.
White Its cute act is a ruse. When victims let down their guard, they find their items taken. It attacks with sharp claws.

Purrloin doesn't get Pickpocket, Cute Charm or Tough Claws.


Black This Pokémon dwells deep in the forest. Eating a leaf from its head whisks weariness away as if by magic

Black 2 It's good at finding berries and gathers them from all over. It's kind enough to share them with friends.

Pansage doesn't get Healer, Pickup, or Symbiosis.


White It attacks enemies with strikes of its thorn-covered tail. This Pokémon is wild tempered.

Simisage doesn't get Defiant or Competitive.


Black The tuft on its head holds water. When the level runs low, it replenishes the tuft by siphoning up water with its tail.

Simipour doesn't get Water Absorb.


Black Munna always float in the air. People whose dreams are eaten by them forget what the dreams had been about.

Munna doesn't get Levitate.


Black 2 This very forgetful Pokémon will wait for a new order from its Trainer even though it already has one.

Pidove doesn't get Oblivious, Unaware, Simple.


Black Its mane shines when it discharges electricity. They use their flashing manes to communicate with one another.

Blitzle doesn't get Illuminate.


White This ill-tempered Pokémon is dangerous because when it's angry, it shoots lightning from its mane in all directions.

Zebstrika doesn't get Anger Point.


Black When it overflows with power, the orange crystal on its body glows. It looks for underground water in caves.

Boldore doesn't get Illuminate.


Black 2 The heart-shaped mark left on a body after a Woobat has been attached to it is said to bring good fortune.

Woobat doesn't get Super Luck.


Black 2 Using the feelers on its ears, it can tell how someone is feeling or when an egg might hatch.

Audino doesn't get Anticipation.


White It lives in the water and on land. It uses its long, sticky tongue to capture prey.

Palpitoad doesn't get Sticky Hold.


White Tying their belts gets them pumped and makes their punches more destructive. Disturbing their training angers them.

Sawk doesn't get Anger Point.


White It discovers what is going on around it by using the feelers on its head and tail. It is brutally aggressive.

Venipede doesn't get Anger Point or Anticipation.


White Highly aggressive, it uses the claws near its neck to dig into its opponents and poison them.

Scolipede doesn't get Anger Point.


Black The leaves on its head are very bitter. Eating one of these leaves is known to refresh a tired body.
White Since they prefer moist, nutrient-rich soil, the areas where Petilil live are known to be good for growing plants.

Petilil doesn't get Damp or Healer.


White The fragrance of the garland on its head has a relaxing effect. It withers if a Trainer does not take good care of it.

Lilligant doesn't get Aroma Veil or Healer.


Black Red and blue Basculin get along so poorly, they'll start fighting instantly. These Pokémon are very hostile.

Basculin doesn't get Anger Point.


Black They live buried in the sands of the desert. The sun-warmed sands prevent their body temperature from dropping.
White It moves along below the sand's surface, except for its nose and eyes. A dark membrane shields its eyes from the sun.

Sandile doesn't get Sand Veil, Keen Eye, Frisk or Tinted Lens.


Black They live in groups of a few individuals. Protective membranes shield their eyes from sandstorms.
White The special membrane covering its eyes can sense the heat of objects, so it can see its surroundings, even in darkness.

Krokorok doesn't get Keen Eye, Frisk or Tinted Lens.


Black They never allow prey to escape. Their jaws are so powerful, they can crush the body of an automobile.
White It can expand the focus of its eyes, enabling it to see objects in the far distance as if it were using binoculars.

Krookodile doesn't get Strong Jaw, Keen Eye, Frisk or Tinted Lens.


Black It uses an up-tempo song and dance to drive away the bird Pokémon that prey on its flower seeds.

Maractus doesn't get Own Tempo.


Black Competing for territory, Crustle fight viciously. The one whose boulder is broken is the loser of the battle.

Crustle doesn't get Anger Point.

Black 2 When its boulder is broken in battles for territory, it feels unsure and begins to weaken.

Crustle doesn't get Rattled.


Black Its skin has a rubbery elasticity, so it can reduce damage by defensively pulling its skin up to its neck.
White It immediately headbutts anyone that makes eye contact with it. Its skull is massively thick.

Scraggy doesn't get Limber or Rock Head.


White Incredible jaw strength enables them to chew up steel beams and rocks along with their prey.

Carracosta doesn't get Strong Jaw.


Black 2 It runs better than it flies. It takes off into the sky by running at a speed of 25 mph.

Archeops doesn't get Quick Feet.


Black Their white fur is coated in a special oil that makes it easy for them to deflect attacks.
White Their white fur feels amazing to touch. Their fur repels dust and prevents static electricity from building up.

Cinccino doesn't get Fur Coat, or Limber.


White They can predict the future from the placement and movement of the stars. They can see Trainers' life spans.

Gothitelle doesn't get Forewarn.


Black They drive away attackers by unleashing psychic power. They can use telepathy to talk with others.

Solosis doesn't get Telepathy.


Black These bird Pokémon are excellent divers. They swim around in the water eating their favorite food--peat moss.

Ducklett doesn't get Swift Swim.


Black Swanna start to dance at dusk. The one dancing in the middle is the leader of the flock.

Swanna doesn't get Own Tempo.


Black The temperature of their breath is -58° F. They create snow crystals and make snow fall in the areas around them.
White This Pokémon formed from icicles bathed in energy from the morning sun. It sleeps buried in snow.

Vanillite doesn't get Snow Warning, Solar Power or Snow Cloak.


White It conceals itself from enemy eyes by creating many small ice particles and hiding among them.

Vanillish doesn't get Snow Cloak.


White If both heads get angry simultaneously, this Pokémon expels a blizzard, burying everything in snow.

Vanilluxe doesn't get Anger Point.


Black They fly around at high speed, striking with their pointed spears. Even when in trouble, they face opponents bravely.

Escavalier doesn't get Defiant.


Black It lures prey close by dancing and waving its arm caps, which resemble Poké Balls, in a swaying motion.

Amoonguss doesn't get Own Tempo.

Black 2 It moves the caps on both arms and does a dance to lure prey. It prefers damp places.

Amoonguss doesn't get Damp.


Black Joltik that live in cities have learned a technique for sucking electricity from the outlets in houses.
White They attach themselves to large-bodied Pokémon and absorb static electricity, which they store in an electric pouch.

Joltik doesn't get Volt Absorb or Static.


Black By changing the direction in which it rotates, it communicates its feelings to others. When angry, it rotates faster.

Klang doesn't get Anger Point.


White These Pokémon have a big appetite. When they spot their prey, they attack it and paralyze it with electricity.

Eelektrik doesn't get Gluttony or Static.


Black It can manipulate an opponent's memory. Apparently, it communicates by flashing its three different-colored fingers.

Beheeyem doesn't get Illuminate.


Black Litwick shines a light that absorbs the life energy of people and Pokémon, which becomes the fuel that it burns.

Litwick doesn't get Illuminate.


Black They are kind but can be relentless when defending territory. They challenge foes with tusks that can cut steel.
White Their sturdy tusks will stay sharp even if used to cut steel beams. These Pokémon are covered in hard armor.

Haxorus doesn't get Hyper Cutter, Sturdy, Bulletproof or Battle Armor.


Black In fights, they dominate with onslaughts of flowing, continuous attacks. With their sharp claws, they cut enemies.

Mienfoo doesn't get Tough Claws.


Black 2 Using the long fur on its arms like whips, it launches into combo attacks that, once started, no one can stop.

Mienshao doesn't get Skill Link.


Black It warms its body by absorbing sunlight with its wings. When its body temperature falls, it can no longer move.
White It races through narrow caves, using its sharp claws to catch prey. The skin on its face is harder than a rock.

Druddigon doesn't get Solar Power, Tough Claws or Rock Head.


Black Their fluffy fur absorbs damage, even if they strike foes with a fierce headbutt.

Bouffalant doesn't get Fur Coat.


Black They crush berries with their talons. They bravely stand up to any opponent, no matter how strong it is.

Rufflet doesn't get Tough Claws or Defiant.


White Since their two heads do not get along and compete with each other for food, they always eat too much.

Zweilous doesn't get Gluttony.


Black This brutal Pokémon travels the skies on its six wings. Anything that moves seems like a foe to it, triggering its attack.

Hydreigon doesn't get Anger Point.


White A sea of fire engulfs the surroundings of their battles, since they use their six wings to scatter their ember scales.

Volcarona doesn't get Shield Dust.


White Its charge is strong enough to break through a giant castle wall in one blow. This Pokémon is spoken of in legends.

Terrakion doesn't get Sheer Force.


White Its head sprouts horns as sharp as blades. Using whirlwind-like movements, it confounds and swiftly cuts opponents.

Virizion doesn't get Hyper Cutter.


Y As it walks, it munches on a twig in place of a snack. It intimidates opponents by puffing hot air out of its ears.

Fennekin doesn't get Intimidate.


X It gazes into the flame at the tip of its branch to achieve a focused state, which allows it to see into the future.

Delphox doesn't get Forewarn.


Y It protects its skin by covering its body in delicate bubbles. Beneath its happy-go-lucky air, it keeps a watchful eye on its surroundings.

Froakie doesn't get Frisk, Keen Eye or Anticipation.


Y Despite the beauty of its lilting voice, it's merciless to intruders that enter its territory.

Fletchling doesn't get Anger Point.


Y The powder that covers its body regulates its temperature, so it can live in any region or climate.

Scatterbug doesn't get Adaptability.


X The stronger the opponent it faces, the more heat surges from its mane and the more power flows through its body.

Litleo doesn't get Defiant, but it gets Rivalry.


Y With fiery breath of more than 10,000 degrees Fahrenheit, they viciously threaten any challenger. The females protect the pride’s cubs.

Pyroar doesn't get Intimidate, but it gets Unnerve.


Y When the flowers of a well-tended flower bed bloom, it appears and celebrates with an elegant dance.

Floette doesn't get Own Tempo.


Y If it has sunshine and water, it doesn't need to eat, because it can generate energy from the leaves on its back.

Skiddo doesn't get Chlorophyll.


X Although it possesses a violent temperament, it won’t put up with bullying. It uses the leaf in its mouth to sense the movements of its enemies.
Y It charges ahead and bashes its opponents like a berserker, uncaring about any hits it might take. Its arms are mighty enough to snap a telephone pole.

Pangoro doesn't get Anger Point or Anticipation.


X When Honedge evolves, it divides into two swords, which cooperate via telepathy to coordinate attacks and slash their enemies to ribbons.
Y The complex attack patterns of its two swords are unstoppable, even for an opponent greatly accomplished at swordplay.

Doublade doesn't get Telepathy or Skill Link.


X To entangle its opponents in battle, it extrudes white threads as sweet and sticky as cotton candy.

Swirlix doesn't get Sticky Hold.


X Opponents who stare at the flashing of the light-emitting spots on its body become dazed and lose their will to fight.

Inkay doesn't get Illuminate.


Y By expelling water from the nozzle in the back of its claw, it can move at a speed of 60 knots.

Clawitzer doesn't get Swift Swim.


X This Pokémon was restored from a fossil. If something happens that it doesn't like, it throws a tantrum and runs wild.

Tyrunt doesn't get Anger Point.


Y It uses its tail to absorb electricity from power plants or from outlets in houses, and then it fires the electricity from its whiskers.

Dedenne doesn't get Volt Absorb.


Y Its four horns are a high-performance radar system. It uses them to sense sounds and smells, rather than using ears or a nose.

Sliggoo doesn't get Anticipation.


X This very friendly Dragon-type Pokémon will hug its beloved Trainer, leaving that Trainer covered in sticky slime.
Y It attacks with retractable horns. It throws a punch that's the equivalent of the force of a hundred pro boxers.

Goodra doesn't get Sticky Hold or Iron Fist.


X These key collectors threaten any attackers by fiercely jingling their keys at them.

Klefki doesn't get Intimidate.


X A sudden transformation of Carbink, its pink, glimmering body is said to be the loveliest sight in the whole world.

Diancie doesn't get Illuminate.


Y This troublemaker sends anything and everything to faraway places using its loop, which can warp space

Hoopa doesn't get Prankster.

Honorary mentions:


Silver A legend says that its body glows in seven colors. A rainbow is said to form behind it when it flies.

Ho-Oh doesn't get Illuminate.


Y When the horns on its head shine in seven different colors, it is said to be sharing everlasting life.

Xerneas doesn't get Illuminate.


X When this legendary Pokémon's wings and tail feathers spread wide and glow red, it absorbs the life force of living creatures.

Yveltal doesn't get Illuminate.


Black 2 It changes so it looks just like its foe, tricks it, and then uses that opportunity to flee.

Zorua doesn't get Run Away or Prankster.


Black Bonds between these Pokémon are very strong. It protects the safety of its pack by tricking its opponents.

Zoroark doesn't get Friend Guard or Prankster.


Sapphire Latias is highly intelligent and capable of understanding human speech. It is covered with a glass-like down. The Pokémon enfolds its body with its down and refracts light to alter its appearance.

Latias doesn't get Illusion.


Ruby Latios has the ability to make its foe see an image of what it has seen or imagines in its head. This Pokémon is intelligent and understands human speech.

Latios doesn't get Illusion.

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