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What will be the next TCG type change?

Since Gen 7 is clearly not going to add any new types, I wondered what can be the focus of the next generation.

So, what will be the next type focus and type organization in TCG?

So far, the type combinations went something like this:

Gen I: Start.
Gen II: Darkness and Metal are introduced.
Gen III: No major additions, but dual types have been introduced.
Gen IV: Poison has been added to Psychic, rather than Grass.
Gen V: Dragon has been added in the middle of Gen V.
Gen VI: Fairy has been introduced.

So, our current situation look like this:

No additional types:
Lightning, Fire, Darkness, Metal, Dragon, Fairy

Consisting of two types:
Water, Grass, Colorless

Consisting of three types:
Psychic, Fighting

We can reasonably expect that eventually all types will be one energy, but in the current situation, we can think of a few iterations:

Fighting, Separate it into Earth(Ground, Rock) and Fighting.
Psychic, Separate it into Psychic(Ghost, Psychic) and Poison.

However, another possible iteration would be;

Grass is re-retconned to Grass, Bug, Poison.
Psychic is divided into Psychic and Ghost.

This would give us two energies covering three types, and two solitary types.

But can Psychic be divided? Actually, yes.

After all, Dragon-type was divided from Colorless because of Dragons presence in Gen V games, so if Gen VI's focus is Ghost-types, which is very likely considering we haven't had a generation that really focused on them, and it is the rarest of all paranormal types. Not to mention, since the only known Ghost legendary is in Gen IV, which might get a remake in Gen VII, it would make sense to introduce a Ghost TCG type alongside it.

Note: This post is purely based on Games relationship with TCG, not TCG metagame itself.

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