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TCG Ability errors

Abilities introduced after the card:

Gen I:
Frisk- Omanyte (Fossil 52)
Bad Dreams-Gastly (Expedition 109)Haunter (Vending S3 2)
Color Change-Venomoth (Jungle 13)

Gen II:
Torrent-Clair's Kingdra (VS 52)
Lightning Rod-Electabuzz (Wizards Promo 46)
Dark Aura-Tyranitar (Expedition 29)
Poison Point-Togepi (Neo Genesis 51)
Oblivious-Kabuto (Skyridge 37)

Gen III:
Telepathy-Forina's Jirachi (Movie VS Pack 4)
Storm Drain-Swampert (EX Ruby & Sapphire 13)
Bad Dreams-Shuppet (EX Power Keepers 61)
Solid Rock-Groudon ex (EX Crystal Guardians 93)

Gen IV:
Defiant-Probopass (Arceus 7)
Flare Boost-Porygon-Z (DP Promo 35)
Analyze-Unown A (Diamond & Pearl 65)

Gen V:
Dark Aura-Hydreigon (Noble Victories 79)

Abilities during the introduction of card:
Natural Cure-Lombre (EX Deoxys 34)Combusken (EX Ruby & Sapphire 28)Sea's Manaphy (PCG-P Promo 154)Marshtomp (EX Ruby & Sapphire 41)
Chlorophyll-Grovyle (Great Encounters 40)
Drizzle-Azumarill (EX Sandstorm 30)
Levitate-Beldum (EX Hidden Legends 28)Metang (EX Hidden Legends 44),
Trace-Smeargle (Secret Wonders 66)
Poison Point-Wurmple (EX Ruby & Sapphire 78)
Rock Head-Kabuto (EX Legend Maker 36)
Water Absorb-Sea's Manaphy (PCG-P Promo 150)
Oblivious-Samiya's Chatot (PCG-P Promo 152)Quagsire (EX Unseen Forces 44)
Hustle-Ludicolo δ (EX Crystal Guardians 6)Machamp (EX Hidden Legends 9)
Immunity-Roselia (EX Dragon 9)Persian (EX FireRed & LeafGreen 44)
Snow Cloak-Abomasnow (Stormfront 12)
Aftermath-Weezing (Plasma Storm 58)
Rock Head-Scrafty (Next Destinies 74), Shieldon (Steam Siege 69)
Shield Dust-Beautifly (Roaring Skies 5)Beautifly M (Movie Random Pack Promo 3)Beautifly (EX Ruby & Sapphire 2)Mothim (Majestic Dawn 42)
Pure Power-Jynx (EX Unseen Forces 28)
Sand Stream-Flygon ex δ (EX Dragon Frontiers 92)
Stall: Meowth (Steam Siege 88)
Abilities with same English name but different Japanese names:

Solar Power- Venusaur (Wizards Promo 13)
Pickup-Raticate (EX FireRed & LeafGreen 48)
Heavy Metal-Heatran (Legends Awakened 30)Pikachu δ (POP Series 5 13), Scizor (Aquapolis H21)Skarmory (EX Deoxys 26)
Blaze-Blaine's Growlithe (Gym Heroes 62)
Synchronize-Light Venomoth (Neo Destiny 53)

Abilities inspired by real abilities:

Poison Payback, inspired by Poison Point-Kakuna (EX FireRed & LeafGreen 36)Cacnea (EX Sandstorm 57)

Intimidating Ring, inspired by Intimidate-Ursaring (EX Unseen Forces 18)

Flame Veil, inspired by Flame Body-Growlithe (EX Sandstorm 65)Arcanine (EX Sandstorm 15)

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