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How to Improve: 098-099, Krabby-Kingler

1.Stats: Should Kingler get a stat boost, Evolution, Mega Evolution or nothing?
As Kingler is a two stage Pokémon with 475 BST, it can get an evolution that will increase its BST by 60 BST. Though it can also get a Mega like Manectric, it is likely that the Mega Evolution will end up far too weak on its own.

As it is a two stage Pokémon, and a mid-game Pokémon at that, it is unlikely to get a major stat boost, possibly only around +30, which is insufficient with or without a Mega.

It should also be noted that Kingler was formerly a version counterpart to Kingdra, who gained a proper Evolution.

2. Should Kingler get more Abilities?

Answer would be an arguable yes, as Kingler already has three major abilities, but all three of them are inefficient. Some possibilities include:

1. Adaptability: This ability is obtained by its successor, Crawdaunt. Though Kingler has only one good STAB move, Crabhammer, Adaptability is nonetheless a good ability that makes sense with its design.

2. Swift Swim: Kingler has a relatively high Speed stat that can be dangerous if buffed, but as Kingler has a pathetically low HP stat and low Sp. Def this will rarely happen. So, instead of relying on Agility, it can get a Speed boost simply by rain.

3. Tough Claws: This seems pretty obvious, considering Kingler's giant pincer, but also because of Kingler's high physical movepool and stats.

Other Water-type and Rain related abilities include:

1. Water Absorb: This ability will likely be useful in Doubles and for easy switches, but otherwise it is not too important for Kingler due its low Defensive capabilities.

2. Storm Drain: Same as above, but instead of Defense, its low Special Attack causes the trouble.

3. Hydration: In this case, Hydration would work best for protecting Kingler against Status such as Paralysis and Burn that would cause issue with its sweeping role.

4. Rain Dish: This would probably work best with Double Dancer, that is, Swords Dance + Agility sets, to give back Kingler some of the HP it lost during set up. Otherwise it would be relatively irrelevant.

And as a last word:

1.Guts/Quick Feet: This would give Kingler necessary boosts in Attack and Speed and protect it from Statuses, and give use to its Facade.

2. Sturdy: As a spinoff of Shell Armor, Kingler with Sturdy would be able to have one turn at least to set up.

3. Should Kingler get more moves?

The answer is an absolute yes. Here are some options:

1. More Shell Based Moves:

Clamp, Shell Smash, Razor Shell, Withdraw etc. would all work fantastically with Kingler. Especially Shell Smash and Razor Shell, since the former would make it a deity, while the latter would work real well with Sheer Force.

2. More Claw/Slashing moves:

While Kingler has notable slashing moves like X-Scissor, its moveset is still pretty bland, and its incapability to learn other Claw moves such as Shadow Claw is embarrassing.

These would work best with Hyper Cutter variety, of course.

3. More Water-type moves, particularly Waterfall:

No seriously, Crabhammer sucks with Sheer Force. Give us Waterfall or Razor Shell.

4. More moves with secondary abilities:

So it can put Sheer Force into good use, as it currently only affects its relatively weak Rock-type moves, completely useless Special moves like Mud Shot and Ice Beam, or incredibly weak physical moves like Metal Claw.

Most obvious choices would be Punching moves and Biting moves. More Rock and Ground moves would be nice as well.

5. More Rock, Dark, Fighting, Ground moves:

Basically obvious. Moves like Assurance, Hammer Arm, Stone Edge, Earthquake would all be great on Kingler, even if some of them, like Earthquake, might not work all well logically.

But yes, as a general rule it should get more Dark moves, since many of them don't require specific biological components.

4. What additional typings Kingler can have?
Several, actually.

Most obvious ones would be Bug, Ground and Dark. Bug and Ground due it being a Crab, and Dark due to its host of Dark-type moves, and its successor, Crawdaunt. Krabby's aggressive behaviour can also be used as an excuse:

OR/AS: Krabby live on beaches, burrowed inside holes dug into the sand. On sandy beaches with little in the way of food, these Pokémon can be seen squabbling with each other over territory.

Fighting, while cool, would be way too much of a logical outreach. So would Rock, unless Kingler's exoskeleton turned into Rock. Steel would also only work if its exoskeleton was turned into Steel.

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