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Speculation regarding the next game in the Generation VI

Strange Souvenir and the Backpacker:
1. His region is neither Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Unova or Kalos.

2. The region is far away from Kalos. Previously "the far away region" statement was used for Unova in relation to the Gen I to Gen IV regions.

3. It has a fantastic battle facility. Though this doesn't necessarily imply that the region is a late-generation region, the description implies that the battle facility is noteworthy enough to be a full sized battle facility.

4. It has a really interesting champion, which directly confirms that the region has an independent league.

5. Strange Souvenir is banned in Battle Maison.

6. Strange Souvenir's placement is between Evolutionary Stones and X-items. In addition, unlike Lock Capsule it is a normal item.

7. Strange Souvenir is supposedly based on a Pokémon that is thought to guard the region.

Available and Unavailable Pokémon Fact-check:
1. The current amount of available Pokémon only through Friend Safari is 123, with 16 post-game Fossils. Without the fossils, there are only 27 open slots, or with fossils only 11 slots to complete another Kalosian regional dex.

2. Most Friend Safaris have open slots for each types, or slots that can be opened by changing the distribution and removing duplicates.

3. Zygarde is notable for having only 600 BST, far too low for a main legendary.

4. Zygarde's dex entry in X states "When the Kalos region's ecosystem falls into disarray, it appears and reveals its secret power." and its Y entry states "It's hypothesized that it's monitoring those who destroy the ecosystem from deep in the cave where it lives." Though these are not strong evidence, they heavily imply that Zygarde is related to Kalos region, and for this generation, only to Kalos region.

5. The Pokémon who are not available with their Hidden Abilities despite appearing in the games' regional dexes are Good/Super Rod fodder and/or were available through diving. Similarly, Fossil Pokémon are unavailable with their Hidden Abilities.

6. Since Clauncher/Clawitzer don't have Hidden Abilities, there is little point on putting them in Hordes or Friend Safari. Conversely, their counterparts Skrelp/Dragalge are not likely to have their Hidden Abilities made available through Friend Safari.

7. Due to poor designing of Friend Safari, X contains two extra evolutionary lines that are not available through Friend Safari compared to Y. These two evolutionary lines are the counterparts of Pupitar's line and Cloyster's line, Lairon's line and Starmie's line.

Distribution Comments:
1. Vivillon forms and Scatterbug and Spewpa stages that correspond to them already have placeholder images in the Global Link. Similarly AZ's Floette has a placeholder image(and no corresponding Flabébé and Florges forms). This is unlike the event legendaries, Lati twins and Zygarde and whatever other future Kalos Pokémon that might gain Mega Evolutions/alternate forms. This can imply that they are meant to be released soon.

2. Alexa's boss has stated that she went to the mountains in search of the Mythical(ie. Event) Pokémon.
3. Chamber of Emptiness is known for being the only cave with no Pokémon encounters that doesn't currently house a legendary, implying that it might be an (Event) Legendary hideout. It also doesn't seem to have any major real-life counterpart like Scorched Slab.

4. One of the Kalos Power Plants has a door that is tight shut down. This is the exact message shown for Harbor Inn before obtaining Member Card.

5. Currently four moves are known without any known distribution, Hold Hands, Hold Back, Venom Blast and Light of Ruin. Venom Blast is supposedly a special move that can cause badly poison, Light of Ruin is a recoil move that draws power from Eternal Flower, and Hold Back is a False Swipe clone.

6. Several of the items are not available in the game. Similarly, Shard Tutors are also non-existant. In addition, most changes to the movepools of older generation Pokémon or the movesets in the battling facilities have been very small.

Meta Comments:
1. Official Prima Guide states 14 berries are unavailable. The gameplay confirmed that these berries are the 14 Pokéblock berries introduced in Gen III.

2. The same guide states these berries can only be obtained through trading away with different regions. If this statement is meant to be taken literally, then this confirms that there will be at least one new game with alternate region that is not connected to Kalos in any shape or form gameplay-wise in Generation VI.

3. Masuda stated that in his earliest visit to France, he visited Avignon, Arles, Nice, Marseille and Èze after the completion of Black/White. These places were not stated to been visited for game study, however they are a part of southern France which is currently not represented in Kalos and Masuda took pictures of these places.( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xqwYdOsbixI). In other words, he studied them to an extent.

4. Since Poké Transfer disallows item transfer and the service is intended to be continuous for future games, the Strange Souvenir would most likely require a separate transferring method if it was for later generations, just like Lock Capsule.

5. In addition, each cross-generational Nintendo hardware is incapable of communicating with each other and unless this sort of things is handled with care, the Strange Souvenir would have to be present for a 3DS game, much like how Lock Capsule was present for DS generations' games.

6. Since Strange Souvenir is already banned in-game and is a consumable or held item, and since it is present in the first games of the X/Y, it is very obviously intended for this generation, though not necessarily the next games in the lineup.

7. If there's a future game that changes up the character roster, then the animé regions must be padded out to satisfy these(yes, even in Advanced Generation this was the case). Especially if there are alternate Pokémon forms, however Deoxys's Speed Forme was showcased in Kanto Battle Frontier arc, not Hoenn. On the other hand, Deoxys had initial alternate forms for FireRed/LeafGreen to be showcased in its movie, whereas Zygarde and the likeliest Pokémon to get alternate forms, Volcanion, do not have any in the current data, Mega Evolution or otherwise.

8. The unused southern portion of France is large enough to be another regional division of Kalos, in fact, it is large enough to be 1.5 Kalos regional division.

9. Plusle, Minun, Sceptile, Kyogre, Groudon, Rayquaza, Jynx are known to have their trademarks expanded before this generation's release much like the other Pokémon that gained Mega Evolutions, however, only Plusle/Minun have gained new (Hidden) Abilities, which is something disabled for Pokémon with Mega Evolutions. As a side note, previously trademarked Kecleon also got a new Hidden Ability and Wigglytuff gained a new primary ability but Swampert amongst other Pokémon did not. For the complete list, check: http://summary.fc2.com/summary.php?summary_cd=171900

10. Sugimori has already talked about his plans about the Gen 7(http://www.neogaf.com/forum/showthread.php?t=707763)

Character Speculation for the Next Kalos Game(Sequel-only):
1. As Diantha takes absolutely no role in story outside of rejecting Lysandre or has particularly notable fanbase(in fact, she has a notable hatedom instead), she has a good chance of being demoted in the next game.

2. Conversely, Emma's character's role is an exact copy of Iris's role, with very different personality traits and in-game story of course. It is possible that she might just stay as a post-game character, but she will definitely have a larger role in a future Kalos game.

3. As Korrina is the only Gym Leader with any notable character development, it is most likely that she will get promoted in some manner.

4. Olympia, Grant, Ramos, Valerie, Viola and Clemont have minimal amount of outside of gym appearances, and as Law of Conservation of Detail proves they have a great chance of being demoted, with Olympia and Ramos having the least amount of appearances. However;

5. Viola gets a free pass from her relation to Alexa, who herself gets a free pass due to her importance in the animé. This doesn't mean she won't get demoted, but she will likely stay in Kalos.

6. Clemont also gets a free pass for his role as a main character in the animé, and he is notable for being the only character to take interest in player's role as the champion. However, he also has a ready successor in the form Bonnie, who is also an animé main character, so his role will likely change.

7. Valerie is far too notable of a character due to her unique look, her status as one of the few important characters to be tied into another region(Johto), her status as the only Fairy Gym Leader and her support of Poképhilia. As such, she most likely won't change her role, but she might get a redesign(she is a costume designer after all) and gain the ability to Mega Evolve her Mawile.

8. Of all the Elite Four Members, Malva is obviously the most well developed, not to mention her role as the news reader which makes her a necessary component.

9. Drasna also takes an important role as one of the interregional bridges due to her grandparents having immigrated to Kalos from Celestic Town.

10. In general though, it is unlikely that the Elite Four will be changed as this sort of thing is not precedented and the design of the Elite Four are either shout-outs to medieval fantasies or French stereotypes.

11. Though Team Flare is practically dead, as the Flare members are some of the few characters with 3D models, Game Freak might be conservative with them. This is not too likely that this will be the case, but the four female scientists might return with a bigger role, as they ultimately have no goal outside of being greedy. Same goes for Malva(even though she might claim otherwise), but she most likely won't be a villain unless there is a replacement character for the news read(Alexa?) and her role as an Elite Four(Korrina?). Either way, it is more likely that there would be a completely new team.

12. Shauna already confirmed that she wants to visit other regions so chances are she won't be relevant until the next region, whether it is in this generation or not.

13. Trevor and Tierno are largely inconsequential, though both can be worked around for any role. Trevor is more or less destined to become another assistant for Sycamore.

14. Since Serena/Calem are just NPC protagonists, they don't have much chance of being further developed, at least directly. NPC comments are still fair game.

15. If the games are just third versions, it is likely that only change will be Diantha's placement even though obviously the other characters would gain more roles and potential redesigns.

Common Speculations(Sequel-only):
1. Malva and rest of the scientists return as the Neo Team Flare. Potentially Xerosic as well.

2. Korrina or Emma become a champion.

3. Korrina or Wulfric become an Elite Four.

4. Zygarde will have an Alternate Form/Mega Evolution.

5. Southern France will be expanded upon.

6. More, if not all important trainers will have Mega Evolutions in their parties.

7. Tierno himself might become a champion.

8. Trevor is most commonly speculated to become another one of Sycamore's assistants.

Uncommon but notable speculations:
1. The games will be prequels following Dexio and Sina instead of prequels(from TvTropes' Pokémon X/Y WMG page).

Backpacker's region common speculation:
1. It is speculated that this region might have an additional 60 or so Pokémon, hence why Kalos has so few Pokémon.

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