12 Mart 2017 Pazar

Shitposting about economic development and Pokeymanz

A lot of developing regions will become significant in the future. Nonetheless:

  1. It's unlikely that any Muslim state/country will be used, due to Islam's history with Pokémon. So countries like Turkey, Pakistan, Bangladesh, etc. are unlikely. Malaysia and Brunei (?) might be the exception, however(Singapore has an Islamic population, but they are not the dominant majority, far from it.)
  2. Few Latin America countries have direct connections with Japan, though Japan is fascinated by Native American culture(North, Central and South) largely due to proposed connection between the two cultures.
  3. Middle Eastern and African countries are unlikely to appear in Pokémon, due to rampant racism in Japan against those populations. Especially Israel, hilariously enough(remember, Japan was a fascist country and retains some of that to this day).
  4. On the other hand, a Chinese region or regions are more than likely because of GameFreak's historical fascination with China, and Nintendo's intended expansion to mainland China.
  5. One of the main hurdles however is the expansion of Nintendo to more territories. As Nintendo is far too focused on China and Russia instead of rest of Europe, it might take time for Nintendo to expand to further.
  6. Former socialist countries will also have to wait for a while, especially Yugoslav countries, even after they all enter the EU and NATO.

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