15 Mart 2017 Çarşamba

How to improve: 616-617-Shelmet-Accelgor:

1.Stats: Should Accelgor get a stat boost, Evolution, Mega Evolution or nothing?

Accelgor, shockingly enough, has a fantastic stat spread, but sadly it is fairly limited. This makes it useful regardless of a boost, but hinders its reliability.

A stat boost for 10-40 would be good, but would just make it slightly better. Which is good enough.

A Mega Evolution, has the potential to be broken. Maybe not in the next generation, but for now it would be. It would make it permanently meta defining however.

2.Should Accelgor get more abilities?
Gluttony, Gooey, Poison Heal, Speed Boost and Swarm would be good. Though potentially broken, Prankster, Adaptability and Protean can also work.

Storm Drain might also work or Water Absorb.

3. Should Accelgor get more moves?
Yes, as Accelgor's movepool is not varied enough, though good. Several moves like Belch, Clear Smog, Punishment, Psychic and Acrobatics can work. Nasty Plot and Calm Mind would also be very helpful. So would Shadow Ball, Psych Up etc.

Water moves, though unlikely, would be very fantastic.

4.What additional typing Accelgor can have?

Poison is the primary one, but Fighting, Ground, Water, Grass, Dark, Psychic can also work.

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