14 Kasım 2016 Pazartesi

Some thoughts after Sun and Moon.

-There are only 25 more type combinations left: This means we are getting close to another major shift on how types operate.

-The stat boosts are now much more unpredictable, though still minimal: And they extend to species that used to have unique BSTs, like Masquerain.

-More new categories of Pokémon are popping up: Though they are largely one-off deals.

-There is a massive graveyard of mechanics: Which is a potential water fountain for the next gimmicks.

-More battle options are being cut: Which means more convergence into VGCs. This is both a good thing and a terrible thing, as it means all generations will effectively designed as their own metagames based on their individual regional dexes now.

-Games are being more streamlined: There is less room for discrepancy between in-game and lore/competitive now. This makes potential unintentional humor more weak.

-Game is shifting from evolutions and growing up into form changes and other stuff: With games being crowded by alternate formes and single stage Pokémon, the very concept of evolution is taking a considerable back step.

-No National Dex: This ensures less connectivity between games, and more self-rule on each generation, which fucks the overall metagame.

-The multiverse: This has potential for a lot of things, from radical retcons to complete overhauls.

-Decreasing amount of signature abilities and moves: Fewer moves remain signature throughout generations, making the concept more irrelevant besides individual signature moves and abilities in an individual generation.

-More on offense, less on defense and speed: This has potential to change the metagame, obviously for the worse, but it will also used to justify offensive boosts for Pokémon.

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