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Thoughts on Sun and Moon so far, July 2nd

New Pokémon:

Rockruff: The recent blurb definitely makes me think this will be two staged. It will obviously not keep its current abilities, just like how Lillipup doesn't(they share the species category, after all) but it might replace Vital Spirit by Insomnia rather than something completely different.

Its blurb:

"Iwanko looks cute, but is really gutsy: No matter how much it gets beaten it'll keep standing up to its enemies until it beats them."

is the same as Rufflet and Taillow's, confirming that it is physically offensively oriented with decent speed, and will likely have Sheer Force, Guts, Scrappy or Hustle as its HA.

Due to the attention it gets, it will likely be a main Pokémon in the series.

Komala: It's blurb and artwork seems to imply that it will be the Pancham/Teddiursa/Cubchoo of this generation, with its parents being common wild Pokémon in games and animé, and its pre-evolution being heavily marketed.

It will obviously be two staged. It is already 20 kgs, making it very heavy(due to its log).

Pikipek: Its' blurb confirms it will get Bullet Seed, which will likely be its only Grass move.

As it will be three staged, its final evolution will certainly be another predatory bird. Such a shame, because it would make the perfect Sap Sipper abuser.

It will likely get Fury Attack and a multi-hit flying move. It will probably remain UU/RU, however.

It will likely get a new type upon evolution, which should be revealed soon. Its final BST can be anything from 490 to 510.

Yungoos: It will likely not get any fang moves besides Crunch and Bite during the level-up period. Its HA will likely be Gluttony or Anger Point.

Its evolution will likely become part Dark. Its BST will be traditional 420 something. It will likely be a good competitive and in-game Pokémon, but be a terrible HM slave, having access to only Cut, Rock Smash and Strength.

Grubbin-Charjabug-Vikavolt: This will likely be pain to level-up, as its evolutions appear in high levels in the Japanese trailers.

Charjabug looks like it will have competitive stats, that is, around 420 BST, which will be very good with Eviolite. Battery will likely be exclusive to it, as its Japanese name is written the same as its species category.
Battery will likely be a Specially oriented Friend Guard, boosting allies by %25. Charjabug seems to be physically oriented as opposed to special Vikavolt, similar to Larvesta and Zweilous.

Vikavolt will be specially oriented and have a great Special Attack stat. Its stat total will be either 500 or higher, probably around 500-535. Its moves will likely revolve around cannon moves such as Flash Cannon and beam moves such as Signal Beam.

As the line has access to Levitate and a unique ability, they won't have any HA initially. Grubbin will likely have Sticky Web, giving the line the access to all niches Galvantula previously had.

Drampa: It will likely be specially oriented with decent Attack stat. Its special move will likely be Tri Attack, rather than Hyper Voice, or something new entirely.

The line might have some Grass moves like Energy Ball due to its association with Azure Dragon, and moves such as Dragon Dance due its origins from Chinese Dragon Dances. It might get Coil, as it is obviously a serpent.

It will likely be either a single stage Pokémon with 490 BST, a special two stage Pokémon with 550+ BST, or a three stage Pokémon with 530 BST. I thought it might be weaksauce three stager, but since it might have 106 Sp. Attack, that doesn't seem to be the case.

Bruxish: A single stage Pokémon that will likely have the traditional 460 BST, this fish will likely be dual offensive, having good Sp. Attack and Attack. Its HA might be Hydration(Moist Body to match its Vivid Body/Dazzling ability) or Swift Swim(to give it good speed). It might also be Intimidate, considering its blurb.

As its outgrowth is not recognized as a pearl, it will likely not get Power Gem. That's sad.

It will likely some new fang moves alongside Yungoos. Its primary purpose will be to give the Water 2 egg group tons of new toys to enjoy, however.

Cutiefly: It will likely be either late bloomer two stager, or a late bloomer three stager. Its BST will likely be lower than Vikavolt's, and be around 470-490 range or 490-510 range, depending on how much stages it will have.

Its primary ability will not be retained. Its secondary ability Shield Dust implies a moth or butterfly evolution. lemoncatpower from Serebiiforums suggested hummingbird hawk-moth as its final evolution, though it might have cocoon middle stage.

Its moves will likely invoke wind, meaning that it will get at least two of the Air Cutter, Air Slash or Hurricane, and it will likely have access to Quiver Dance. Due its blurb, it might have access to Pulse moves, or get a completely new Pulse move that is Bug or Fairy.

Its HA will likely be something worthless like Swarm.

Togedemaru: This guy will likely be available later on the game, just like all Pikaclones. Its stats will likely be somewhat closer to Emolga's and Pachirisu's, and have a mediocre Special Attack. It will likely be Dedenne and have no special Steel moves, instead relying on Gyro Ball, which will be worthless on its due to its speed and incredibly low attack.

Its additional moves will be Spikes, Pin Missile and Defense Curl. Its HA will likely be another Electric ability or even Battery.

Tapu Kako: Pretty much confirmed to be late-game, this guy will likely have the traditional 580 BST lower legendaries have. Due to its ability, it will not have access to Electric Terrain, much like Weather Trio.

It will likely merge with other guardians to create something that will rival Zygarde. It might get Stance Change as its HA.

Nature's Madness will be available to all guardians.

New Abilities:

All abilities will not be distributed to existing Pokémon, unless secondary HAs are introduced. Since this is an odd generation, there won't be any Ability retcons, besides Zygarde and maybe Ferroseed. This means that all abilities will be wasted on these new Pokémon, until the Mega Evolutions with these abilities are introduced.

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