21 Temmuz 2016 Perşembe

A few thoughts on the com mon abilities of the newly introduced Pokémon.

-Mudsdale's Own Tempo: Japanese name of Own Tempo is My Pace, which is why it is commonly given to slow but steady Pokémon, such as Slowpoke-line and Numel. This might suggest that it will get Thrash, similar to Zebstrika, a dancing move, similar to Lombre-line and Spinda, Me First, similar to species like Lickilicky, or completely nothing outside of low speed, like Numel.

Alternatively, Own Tempo might be expanded in this generation. This is unlikely, as the ability has been given in all generations since its introduction.

-Bewear's Klutz: Klutz is useful for a single move, Fling. As Bewear has no claws or fangs, it cannot learn any Dark-type move besides Payback or Foul Play.

However, Klutz has also not been given to any Pokémon in Gen VI. So, it might have new toys to work with in Gen VII.

-Bounsweet's Oblivious: Oblivious has been boosted twice, once in Gen IV to block Captivate, and another time in Gen VI to block Taunt. Another boost might be in the way.

 -Bounsweet's Leaf Guard: Leaf Guard is another move that is not given to any Pokémon in Gen VI. A new buff might be on the way, but mostly it just implies Bounsweet's moveset will include Leaf moves.

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