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Let's discuss fan types. Part 4, Cosmic/Alien-type

1. So, what is this type all about?

Cosmic-type is a fairly recently thought of type that emerged out of the vacuum for a dedicated type for extraterrestrial Pokémon, and their default setting as Psychic-type.

The earliest this idea can be traced is this deviantart blog, though idea likely predates that.
This is also called the "Alien-type".

2. Where does this name come from?

The name "Cosmic" comes from Cosmic Power, a Psychic-type move that is available for almost all extraterrestrial Pokémon.

Much like Magic, this idea is largely popularized due to Gymjack's image, but it is also often discussed on 4chan.

3.Does this type have an in-game source?

Yes, again, largely as a subsection of Psychic.

Gravity and Cosmic Power are space related Psychic-type moves, and several Psychic Pokémon and Cleffa line are extraterrestrial  Pokémon.

This is largely due to influence of Mother series, where alien species are known to use PSI moves(psychic attacks).

4. What would be the ideas behind such a type?

The general assumption is that a Cosmic-type would include moves related to extraterrestrial objects and creatures, primarily relying on modern day cosmology and science-fiction tropes for aliens.

It is possible that such a type might also include previous mythological approaches to extraterrestrial elements, but it is likely that such elements will fit better with paranormal types (Fairy, Psychic, Dragon etc.)

Another aspect of such a type would be the use of modern day large object physics, such as gravity, time travel through black holes, general theory of relativity etc.

5. What would be the type interactions of such a type?

It is hard to say, it can be immensely defensive or immensely offensive. Whatever it is, it will likely be based off difficulties of living in space.

6. What would be the distribution of such a type?

While Pokémon that mess with basic physics can be common, primary extraterrestrial Pokémon, just like current alien Pokémon, would be relatively rare.

This makes sense, considering how hard it is to survive in outer space for earth-evolved species like us, and space related mass extinction events and general rarity of UFO rumors.

7. Future comments:

The primary purpose of such a type would be to help relatively weak extraterrestrial Pokémon to have their niche, and introduce a lot of fringe theories about aliens to Pokémon franchise.

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