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How to Improve: 298-183-184, Azurill-Marill-Azumarill

1.Stats: Should Azumarill get a stat boost, Evolution, Mega Evolution or nothing?

As Azumarill is a three stage species, it is impossible for it to evolve further. Azumarill gets 420 BST without the influence of Huge Power, and has recently gained an +10 BST for its Special Attack stat. Huge Power gives it roundly +99 BST, increasing the BST of Azumarill to around 520 BST. This is fairly sufficient for a three stage species, however Azumarill can only have this BST with the influence of an ability. This makes it a tricky species to work without the influence of Huge Power.

Without the influence of Huge Power, however, Azumarill is a effectively a big, sad joke. Because of this, if the species gets a Mega Evolution, much like Mega Medicham, it must keep its Huge Power ability to be pose even the slightest of threat. Under this logic. Azumarill-line would most  certainly benefit a massive BST boost to give it purpose beyond Huge Power, which in turn would make it a better Mega Evolution. Preferably, these boosts, unless it is due to a Mega Evolution, will focus on its sad Sp. Attack and large Special movepool.

2.Should Azumarill get more abilities?

Most logical answer would be to have a Special variant of Huge Power, but since no such thing exists, we have to look for possible logical abilities Azumarill can have.

1.Pixilate: As a Fairy-type with several Normal-type moves due its pre-evolution, Azurill, Pixilate would be a good fit for Azumarill. However, Azurill cannot get it, as it would lose one of its STABs.

2.Water Veil: As Water Veil is the ability inspired by Aqua Ring, and Azurill-line can get Aqua Ring, it makes sense that Azumarill should also get Water Veil.

3. Swift Swim: Similar to above, it makes sense that Azumarill should get Swift Swim, as it learns Aqua Jet.

4. Guts: Because of Azumarill's connections to Fighting-type moves, and its relative body fat, Guts makes a reasonable choice for it.

Other logical alternatives would include Forewarn, as it learns Future Sight, and Iron Fist, as it learns Punching moves.

3. Should Azumarill get more moves?

Absolutely. Some basic moves it can get are;

1. More STAB (Normal/Fairy/Water) moves: Primarily status moves, but more special Fairy and Water moves and more Physical Normal moves would be good.

2. More Ice and Fighting moves: Marill-line has a wide range of Ice and Fighting moves, which can be expanded significiantly. Some possible options would be Icicle Crash.

3. More Psychic moves: Now that Azurill-line is Fairy, its low connection with Psychic moves can be expanded.

4. Some self-recovery moves: Azumarill is a fairly bulky mon and a very slow offensive Pokémon. More healing options would allow it to continue on for a while.

5. More Dark and Rock-type moves: As they would increase its movepool.

4.What additional typing Azumarill can have?

Fighting and Ice are interesting options, but I don't see much alternate typing Azumarill can have, considering its current typing is unique for now.

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