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1997 Spaceworld Demo Masterpost

No description because catmons ate it.

Old TM list:
  1. SKETCH: Became Signature in the main game.
  2. HIDDEN POWER: Same as main game, but different order.
  3. SNORE: Same as main game, different order.
  4. FLAIL: Unavailable as TM or Tutor.
  5. CONVERSION2: Became Signature in the main game.
  6. COTTON SPORE: Unavailable as TM or Tutor.
  7. REVERSAL: Unavailable as TM or Tutor.
  8. SPITE: Never was a TM, but became Tutor in Gen IV.
  9. POWDER SNOW: Unavailable as TM or Tutor
  10. MACH PUNCH: Unavailable as TM or Tutor.
  11. SCARY_FACE: Unavailable as TM or Tutor.
  12. SWEET KISS: Unavailable as TM or Tutor.
  13. BELLY DRUM: Unavailable as TM or Tutor. Swords Dance clone in this game.
  14. SLUDGE BOMB: Same as main game, different order.
  15. MUD-SLAP: Same as main game, different order.
  16. OCTAZOOKA: Became Signature in the main game.
  17. ZAP_CANNON: Same as main game, different order.
  18. DESTINY_BOND: Unavailable as TM or Tutor.
  19. BONE_LOCK: Early Bone Rush, became Signature in main game and later common in main series.
  20. LOCK_ON: Unavailable as TM or Tutor.
  21. OUTRAGE: Became tutor in Gen IV and onward.
  22. GIGA_DRAIN: Same as main game, different order.
  23. Charm: Unavailable as TM or Tutor.
  24. FALSE_SWIPE: Unavailable until Gen IV as TM.
  25. MILK_DRINK: Became Signature in main game and later common move.
  26. SPARK: Unavailable as TM or Tutor.
  27. STEEL_WING: Same as main game, different order.
  28. SLEEP_TALK: Same as main game 
  29. BELL_CHIME: Beta Heal Bell?
  30. PRESENT: Became Signature in main game.
  31. PAIN_SPLIT: Became Tutor in Gen IV.
  32. SACRED_FIRE: Became Signature in main game.
  33. DYNAMICPUNCH: Same as main game, different order.
  34. MEGAPHONE: Unavailable move in the main game.
  35. DRAGONBREATH: Same as main game, different order.
  36. ENCORE: Unavailable as TM or Tutor.
  37. ROCK_HEAD: Removed move. The name is used for an Ability later.
  38. CROSS_CUTTER: Removed move. Concept was later used for X-Scissor.
  39. TWISTER: Became Tutor in Gen IV, but did not came back.
  40. TRIPLE_KICK: Became a Signature move in main game, and later common.
  41. THIEF: Same as main game, but different order.
  42. SPIDER_WEB: Became a Signature move in main game, and later common.
  43. NIGHTMARE: Same as main game, but apparently dealt half the damage here.
  44. FLAME_WHEEL: Unavailable as TM and Tutor.
  45. NAIL_DOWN: Unavailable move.
  46. PROTECT: Same as main game, but different order.
  47. SPIKES: Unavailable as TM or Tutor.
  48. PERISH_SONG: Unavailable as Tm or Tutor.
  49. ENDURE: Same as main game, different order.
  50. MAGNITUDE: Unavailable as TM or Tutor.
Old HMs:
  1. UPROOT: Unavailable in main series.
  2. WIND_RIDE: Unavailable in main series. Inspired Aeroblast.
  3. WATER_SPORT: Generic move in main series.
  4. STRONG_ARM: Unavailable in the main series.
  5. BRIGHT_MOSS: Became an item with different effect.
  6. WHIRLPOOL: Same as main game, same order.
  7. BOUNCE: Splash clone. Reintroduced in Gen III with different effect. Became tutor Gen IV onward.
Notes on older designs of canon mons:
  1. Early Scizor is green and Bug/Flying. Evolves at Level 41.
  2. Early Qwilfish is pure Water and has an evolution.
  3. Meganium's original name is Hanuryu, translit. Flower Dragon, transla. Blossomite. Chikorita's beta name is Happa, Leaf.
  4. Early Umbreon is Poison-type.
  5. Early Delibird is Water/Ice.
  6. Early Girafarig is Dark/Normal and evolves from Twins, another Dark/Normal.
  7. Quagsire was a single-stage mon with slightly different design.
  8. Crobat's original name was X-ing.
  9. Ho-Oh was originally pure Flying(likely an error), and Skarmory was originally Flying/Steel(likely an error).
  10. Kingdra used to have claws and whiskers. Its fins used to look like wings.
  11. Ariados had a different design with a face in its back. Ledian used to look like a regular ladybug with star patterns.
  12. Sunflora used to be Grass/Psychic and sprout from ground. Sunkern didn't exist.
  13. Hoppip-line used to like cat heads with cat tails.
  14. Bayleef didn't exist, instead Chikorita had a blossoming flower monster evo.
  15. Hoothoot-line used to be pure Flying, but this is likely an error.
  16. Beta Phanpy, Trumpet evolved Level 33. It was an Indian elephant with no Teddiursa counterpart.
  17. Snubbull was Psychic and had no evolution.
  18. Early Sneasel was just a Dark-type weasel.
  19. Early Aipom was a lemur, not a squirrel monkey.
  20. Early Tyrogue and Hitmontop looked radically different. Early Hitmontop had three legs.
  21. Early Elekid, Magby and Smoochum looked radically different. Early Smoochum, Lipp, was pure Ice.
  22. Early Legendary Beasts were dogs, not cats. Their names were Rai, En, Sui, meaning Thunderstorm, Flame and Water. Like Legendary Birds.
  23. Early Blissey, Happy, evolved at Level 45. Had a huge heart and two egg pouches(two ovaries?)
  24. Early Porygon2 was Pon de Lion/Mister Donut. Literally.
Scrapped species:

  1. Madame, swan-like evolution of Farfetch'd. Holds a flowered onion.
  2. Animon, Ditto's evolution with a horn. Evolves with Metal Coat. Seems be a reference to Metal Slime from Dragon Quest.
  3. Likk: Lickitung evolution. Evolves at Level 42. Early Lickilicky.
  4. Plucks: Pinsir evolution. Evolves at Level 42. Design later used for Heracross.
  5. Leafeon: Literally Leafeon. Evolves with Leaf Stone. Its dex order was 251 similar to Chimecho, seems to be replaced by Celebi.
  1. Puddy, pre-evo of Growlithe. 
  2. Trifox, pre-evo for Vulpix. Evolves at Level 13.
  3. Meowsy, pre-evo for Meowth.
  4. Tangel and Gelania, pre-evo and evo of Tangela. Latter evolves at 44, previous one evolves at 22.
  5. Golppy, pre-evo for Goldeen. Evolves at Level 16.
  6. Para, pre-evo for Paras, evolves at Level 12. Pure Bug.
  7. Chicks, pre-evo for Doduo, evolves at Level 16.
  8. Minicorn, pre-evo for Ponyta. Evolves at Level 20.
  9. Ballerine, pre-evo for Mr. Mime. Early Mime Jr. Evolves at Level 15.
  10. Grimey: pre-evo for Grimer. Evolves at Level 19
Original Pokémon:
  1. Sunmola-1->Anchorage->Grotess: Early Chinchou-line. Individual members influenced Alomomola, Sharpedo, Dhelmise, Lanturn, Huntail. Anchorage and Grotess are Water/Steel.
  2. Flambear->Volbear->Dynabear: Bear starter. Fire.
  3. Cruise->Aqua->Aquaria: Plesiosaur starter. Water.
  4. Rinring->Bellboyant. Female only Dark-type cat that evolves into both genders, likely an error.
  5. Turban: Slowbro's shell with Slowking's gem in its back. No relation to Shellder. Pure Water.
  6. Bombseel/seaker: Water/Fire seel.
  7. Tigrette->Electiger: Electric tigers. Evolves at Level 35.
  8. Kurstraw->Pangshi: Ghost dolls. Evolves at Level 1, somehow.
  9. Wolfman->Warwolf: Ice werevoles. Evolves at Level 25. Changed into Swinub-line.
Old Evolutionary Items:

Note: Trade evolutionary lines are not in this version of the generation. Neither is happiness evo is a thing. Nor day/night cycles.
Note 2: In this game Metal Coat only evolves Ditto into Animon.
  1. Poison Stone: Evolves beta Umbreon, beta Bellossom(purple, sprite has Gloom's flowers), and Bellpitt, side evo of Weepinbell.
  2. Heart Stone: Evolves beta Espeon, beta Politoed and beta Xatu.
Other things of note:
  1. Debug mode has following Pokémon before Yellow.
  2. Metal-type is mentioned as Skarmory's type, implying it was the beta type for Steel.
  3. Steel is not immune to Poison, it merely resists it.
  4. NPCs watch Ashnime.
  5. Item list is long. Will wait for the wiki to update. However there are tons of items preventing statuses and weakening type damage. It seems legendary birds and dogs had items associated with them.

Type-lowering items:
  1. Mystic Petal: Grass
  2. White Feather: Flying
  3. Electric Pouch: Electric
  4. Silverpowder: Bug. Silverpowder had the inverse effect originally.
  5. Strange Water: Water. Inspired and replaced by Mirace Water which has inverse effect.
  6. Twistedspoon: Psychic. Originally Twistedspoon had the inverse effect.
  7. Hard Stone: Rock. Originally Hard Stone had the inverse effect.
  8. Jiggling Balloon: Normal.
  9. Fire Mane: Fire
  10. Fossil Shard: Ground
  11. Gross Garbage: Poison
  12. Champion Belt: Fighting
  13. Tag: Ghost
  14. 5 Yen Coin: Psychic. Alternate OG Twistedspoon.
  15. Guard Thread: Bug. Alternate OG Silverpowder.
  16. Dragon Scale: Dragon. Lost effect in main game.
Type-increasing items:
  1. Big Leaf: Grass. Beta Miracle Seed.
  2. Sharp Stone: Rock. Beta Hard Rock.
  3. Black Feather: Flying. Beta Sharp Beak.
  4. Toxic Needle: Poison. Beta Poison Barb
  5. Poison Fang: Poison. Alternate Poison Barb.
  6. Dragon Fang. Dragon. Same as canon Dragon Fang, just different index order.
  7. Migraine Seed: Psychic. Beta Twisted Spoon.
  8. Power Bracer: Fighting. Replaced by Black Belt.
  9. Hard Stone: Rock
  10. Stick: Normal. Originally Stick increased Normal-type moves.
  11. Ice Fang: Ice. Replaced by Never-melt Ice.
  12. Attack Needle: Bug.
  13. Thick Club: Ground. Originally Thick Club increased Ground-type moves.
  14. Wet Horn: Water
  15. Thunder Fang: Electric.
  16. Fire Fang: Fire. Replaced by Charcoal.
  17. Spike: Ghost.
Stat increasers:
  1. Up-grade: Increases all stats by 5.
  2. Berserk Gene: Increases all stats by 10.
  3. Wisdom Orb: Increases Special Defense by 10.
  4. Steel Shell: Increases Defense by 10.
  5. Sharp Horn: Increases Attack by 10.
  6. Twin Horns: Increases Attack by 10.
  7. Ice Wing: Increases Special Defense by 10.
  8. Thunder Wing: Increases Speed by 10. 
  9. Fire Wing: Increases Special Attack by 10.
Status immunity:
  1. Snakeskin: Poison
  2. Earth: Paralysis
  3. Stimulus Orb: Sleep
  4. Calm Berry: Confusion.
  5. Pretty Tail: Poison
  6. Water Tail: Burn
  7. Fire Tail: Freeze
  8. Thunder Tail: Paralysis
Other items:
  1. Confuse Claw: Damages the foe before battle.
  2. Strange Thread: Raises evasion of foe's attacks.
  3. Strange Power: Renders all type effects ineffective.
  4. Life Tag: Restores a fainted Pokémon after battle.
  5. Digging Claw: Use DIG outside of the battle (HOLD).
  6. Counter Cuff: Counter-attacks foe for 1/4 of damage received.
  7. Flee Feather: Switch Pokémon without using up a turn (HOLD)
  8. Spell Tag: Helps attract wild Pokémon (HOLD). Changed into Ghost enhancing item.
  9. Detect Orb: Raises evasion of foe's attack (HOLD).
  10. Long Tongue: Raises Pokémon catch rate. (HOLD)
  11. Long Vine: Raises Pokémon catch rate. (HOLD)
  12. Mom's Love: Raises 1 HP for each step taken. (HOLD)
  13. Invisible Wall: Halves Special Attack damage (HOLD).
  14. Sharp Scythe: Raises critical hit ratio (HOLD).
  15. Berry: Heals 20 HP. Early Oran Berry ?
  16. Apple: Heal 50 HP. Early Sitrus Berry ?
  17. Metal Coat: Halves normal attack damage. Replaced by Metal Powder for Ditto. Metal Coat got new effect.
  18. Leftovers: Heals 30 HP per turn. Got new effect.
  19. Sacred Ash: Revives all fainted Pokémon with 1 HP. Fully revives them in main game.
  1. Lotto Ticket: Enables participation in lottery.
  2. Skateboard: Use to move at double speed. Can be riden indoors.
  3. TM Holder: Holds TMs.
  4. Mail: Special item.
  5. Ball Holder: Special item.
  6. Item Bag: Holder for regular items.
  7. Key Item Bag: Holder for regular items.
Canon items:
  1. Quick Needle: Beta Quick Claw.
  2. Cordyceps: Beta Big Mushroom.
  3. Talisman Tag: Beta Cleanse Tag.
  4. Big Pearl: Beta Big Pearl. Replaced by Pearl and then reintroduced in Gen V.
  5. Focus Orb: May prevent fainting (HOLD). Beta Focus Band.
  6. Smokescreen: Beta Smoke Ball.
  7. Crimson Jewel: Beta Star Piece.
Other notes on items:
  1. Evolutionary stones are introduced the latest, with Poison Stone being the last.
  2. There are still dummied items in the index. We don't know what they are.
  3. All evolutionary items had different effects in addition to not being triggered by trade.

Original Elite Four is:
  1. Giovanni
  2. Bruno
  3. Misty
  4. Lorelei
  5. Lance.
Original Gym Leaders(originally Johto was entire Japan):
  1. Falkner
  2. Whitney
  3. Bugsy
  4. Morty
  5. Okera: No sprite
  6. Jasmine
  7. Blue
  8. Gama: No sprite
Kurt has a sprite. Other unused trainer classes are:
  1. Geruge Member: Reference to a Japanese show.
  2. Soldier
  3. Kung Fu Master: Uses Medium's sprite.
  4. Fortune Teller: Uses Medium's sprite
  5. Rock Climber: Uses Burglar's sprite.
  6. Engineer and Rocker were going to come back because this game had all Japanese regions.
  7. Manchild: Uses Bug Catcher's sprite. Early Collector?
  8. Bug Catcher Boy: Slight name difference.
  9. Teacher Male and Female: Originally Teacher had both genders.
  10. Rocket Male and Female: Female uses Youngster's sprite.
  11. Trio: Replaced by Scientist.
  12. Fledgling: Replaced by Bird Keeper.
  13. Professional Male and Female: Replaced by Cooltrainer. Had whips.
  14. Prodigy: Has part of Child Star's name. Uses Professional Male sprite.
  15. Protagonist: Replaced by PKMN Trainer.
  16. Sportsman
  17. Officer didn't exist. Different Rocket Admins also didn't exist, as Giovanni did.
Other things of note:
  1. Stats are the same as final, but new Pokémon have placeholder data.
  2. Hokkaido's city map looks like a beta Canalave, even though it is actually Pueltown, Almia, geographically.
  3. Hiroshima seems to exist as a city in the game and its full of dead trees. Sad.

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