8 Mayıs 2018 Salı

Shitposting about release schedules for Pokémon

I've been thinking about the release schedule of Pokémon due to my older discussions with peeps here, and I seem to have found some interesting stuff:
*Assuming 3 years of generations for generations after Gen 11, the first ten generations (1-10) would have lasted 32 years in total, while the next 10(11-20) would have lasted.
*Since all generations have had a gap year, this means the smallest possible generation is two years.
*Though there has been cases where the same year had a game release, such cases did not occur in the same fiscal year(RGB, FRLGE).

In this manner: 
*If there are only two years per generations, a ten generation period would last 20 years, more than half of the current period.
*If there are half of the current duration for ten generation period, half of the generations would be three years-span. Alternatively, each gen would last one and a half year, though that would be difficult.
*If the generations only lasted a year, each generation would last 10 years.

On continuation to this:
*A two year cycle can have three major DLCs, one for each six months period.
*A three year cycle can have a DLC expansion for the gap year.

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