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Let's talk about fan types: Part 15: Arachnid-type

1. So, what is this type all about?

The idea behind this type is to partition Bug-type into more than one group Main idea why this type exists is because of the Spider sub-archetype, as well as various Scorpion-based species that are not in Bug-type but in Bug Egg Group.

2.Where does this name come from?

The name comes from the actual animal group Arachnids.

3. Does this type have an in-game source?

Not really. Spider archetype is slowly becoming a sub-archetype, but other forms of Arachnids are not even a coherent sub-group. Currently, only relevant move is Spider Web.

4. What would be the ideas behind such a type?

Various forms of Arachnids and Arachnomorpha could be in this type. It would largely be a deviation of Bug-type though, perhaps a slightly upgraded form.

5. What would be the type interactions of such a type?

Mostly same as Bug-type, but without the Flying super-effectiveness and Grass effectiveness.

6. What would be the distribution of such a type?

Largely limited to mid-game Pokémon, as most Spiders and Scorpions in Pokémon are mid-game species besides Spinarak.

7. Future comments:

More kaiju-style arachnids, like the few seen in Monster Hunter can be added.

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