7 Ekim 2015 Çarşamba

Taxonomy of Flying-type Moves

Bird Moves:
  1. Brave Bird
  2. Sky Attack(Japanese name: God Bird)
Acrobatic Moves:
  1. Acrobatics
Air Moves:
  1. Air Slash
  2. Air Cutter
Aero Moves:
  1. Aeroblast
Bouncing Moves:
  1. Bounce
Parrot Moves:
  1. Mirror Move(Japanese name: Parrot Mimicry)
  2. Chatter
Fog wiping Moves:
  1. Defog(Japanese name: Fog Wipe)
Ascension Moves:
  1. Dragon Ascent
Wing Moves:
  1. Oblivion Wing
  2. Wing Attack
Bird Pun Moves:
  1. Aerial Ace(Japanese name: Swallow Cut)
Feather Moves:
  1. Roost(Japanese name: Feather Rest)
  2. Feather Dance
Pecking Moves:
  1. Peck
  2. Pluck
Beak Moves:
  1. Drill Peck(Japanese name: Drill Beak)
Wind Moves:
  1. Gust
  2. Hurricane
  3. Tailwind
Flying Moves:
  1. Fly(Japanese name can also be translated as Sky Jump).
Free falling Moves:
  1. Sky Drop(Japanese name: Free Fall)

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