8 Haziran 2015 Pazartesi

Challanges facing the next generations

I had already made a few discrete posts about these topics, but it might be the best to put them on one post.

1. Base EXP debacle:

Not only the current Base EXP list is based on the stats of Gen V, which have been recently changed, it also contain a few major errors, for Clawitzer, Aurorus, Cascoon and Dustox. The next generation should update the Base EXPs to fix these errors, and presumably to fix other EXP distributions.

2.Contest debacle:

Even ignoring the fact that contest stats remain part of the Pokemon file system, we have the issue of the contest-only berries, which are still relevant for Natural Gift. As the next generation will likely have Contests as part of D/P remakes, we need to watch out how contest berries and contest stats will be handled.

3.Hidden Power debacle:

Currently, Hidden Power Fairy, nor Hidden Power Normal exists. As Fairy-type is a new type, this is kind of an issue.

4. Moveset errors:

As OR/AS had a pretty rushed release, several movesets were basically defaced. These movesets must be brought back in to shape, as their current situation is too chaotic.

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